Time to step away from the character I have played

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rayrayd_edited-1To much self, not enough of everybody else. Too much of ego for most of us to let go. Me, myself and I are in the way and it makes me blind. Blind of the truth around me and the connection we all have to everything. Too much worry, anger and paranoia within the self-centered man I seem to be and its time to put him aside for the  person who I truly am.

Time to return to who I was as a child, to the person I am hidden beneath the conditioning of society and the scars of life. Remember the lessons learned and let go of the pain and confusion we accumulated through the years. Too much mental and emotional garbage we have collected through life experiences.  Time to empty my inner recycle bin and go about my way free of such useless and painful thoughts and/or emotions. Free of such things.

Each morning I awake is but a new blank page for me to fill with my life’s journey, yet another day to grow and change. The pages written on the days prior are but the history of which choices I made and directions I have taken. Though I can not change where I have been or what I have done I still can change direction and my destination.

Time to return to who I was meant to be and let go of the egotistical side of me. Time to become who I was meant to be and not what this world has tried to make me into. Time to change my direction and my desired destination. Time to set Goals that are true to who I am and not those that society dictates is normal and desirable. Time to let go of what I am expected to be by others and be who I truly am.

Time to be who God created me to be and time to step away from the character I have played in this worlds masquerade. Time to be set free, time to accept what has been given to me.

 We spend so much time trying to be what others expect us to be we lose the person we truly are. Sometimes we seek out the treasures of this world forgetting where or true treasures lay.

Ray Barbier

Without the initial spark we will never see a flame.

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EarthOnce I had a person say they wished they could change the world, though that is an admirable goal it is one most would find impossible to carry out. Though it seems like something that is near impossible there is always a possibility one person can change the world or at least the way the world thinks. We have seen in history great statesman, politicians , religious leaders and visionaries make considerable changes in the world and in the minds of the people. One voice can make a difference, all change starts within  ourselves and then it radiates outward towards all around us. How we act, react and what we say has a large impact on our world even if it’s in a small way or localized area. If that one voice inspires others to join in then change begins to expand and can enact a change globally. In a nut shell it takes someone to start a movement for change in order for change to come about. Without the initial spark we will never see a flame. Become what you  believe we all should be like, live by example and then others will follow suit. To preach of a peaceful world or life but be in turmoil yourself is self-defeating. Lead and live by example and make change happen if not in the world at least in your part of it. Be an  agent of change and not  an inactive bystander in life.

This world needs more free thinkers, visionaries and promoters of peace and compassion.

Raymond Barbier

What are the caretakers of this world

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IMG_1413What are the caretakers of this world, we were given the responsibility to care for and maintain this wondrous gift that we call Earth.  We have walked down the path of destruction and not one of nurturing and preservation far too long, if we do not change our course we shall lose this planet we call home. Time to plant trees, clean up industry and preserve what wildlife we have remaining. We need the wildlife and the plant life we have here on earth to survive, we also need the air and water we have to be clean to survive as well. What is profit compared to the lives of the many future generations of our kind? It is illogical to seek profit that only destroys or harms  your households future generations.

The love of money only leads to the los of true treasures such as those you love and the future of your household. Imagine what kind of world your great-grandchild will have or even your great great grandchild. Do you want them to have clean water, air and food to eat? Do you want them to see the wonders of the forests and the wildlife they contain?  God gave us this world to live in and he also gave it to us to care for. It’s only fair to care for the earth since it has always provided us with what we needed to survive. If we neglect our home to long it will become so damaged it may not be able to support life anymore.

Until God calls us home to heaven we should care for the home he has blessed us with.

Raymond Barbier

We go running through life tripping over and passing up many of the blessings

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016Life is so temporary in the physical universe, we have but a small grain of sand from the hour-glass of time to spend. We tend to waste a lot of our time forgetting how tiny our piece of time is .We waste so much time feeding our useless EGOS and feeding our petty and temporary desires we tend to leave very little time to appreciate the really important and wondrous things in life. We take love for granted along with the blessing of having life itself. We take those we care about for granted as well.

We go running through life tripping over and passing up many of the blessings we have been given. We don’t even see them because we are so much in a hurry and when we do we quickly glance and move on with little thought and without even being thankful. It’s a shame how fast we live our lives, how we speed through life and miss the wonderful thing called life and those we share it with..

God has given us this life not only to serve him but also to enjoy the blessings he has given us within it. It is a sad thing we fail to appreciate many of those gifts and miss most of them because we run right by them blindly. So remember where your strength comes from, remember where your blessings originate and be thankful for both those you have found and those you have missed due to running too fast through life. We need to slow down and appreciate the life God has blessed us with, we need to open our eyes and see the blessings all around us and show thanks for them all.


If we have such a short time to live, then why do we rush through it so blindly and miss out on all the blessings within it? Do you think its time we slow down and enjoy the ride or shall we continue to race to our life’s end.? ~ Raymond Barbier

This world can keep us so sidetracked and confused

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SN_arrowWho’s Interests are you serving? Who’s will are you following? Is it Gods or is it your own? If it is to Glorify yourself or to gain wealth and or worldly possession along with position or power then more than likely you are serving your own interests and will. This  is not to say that God would not want you to have a comfortable lifestyle or some kind of position etc., but the point is how you got there. Did you follow his will and get rewarded with these blessings or did you put God on the back burner and sought out these things because of greed and lust for power etc.

To surrender to God’s will  isn’t an easy task, most of us are so used to being our own boss per se and that makes it hard for us to let go of control. This world also breeds fear and also it is wrought with perils and strife which makes one so overwhelmed its hard to focus on what is really important at times.  This world can keep us so sidetracked and confused we have little time to dedicate to prayer or doing our Fathers will.

Riches and possessions of this world are perishable and temporary just like any position or power you can gain in this world. The riches of heaven are forever. We should walk the path of life with God as our guide and stop stumbling and wandering amongst the wolves . For he is the shepherd and we are his sheep, he will keep us safe from harm as long as we follow him.


Walk with peace and love within your hearts, Live with Christ within your every thought.

Raymond Barbier.

Have love and compassion for those in need

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EarthBeing humans we tend to forget how short and temporary life is. We live each day as if we have forever which makes us forget how precious life and the people we love are. We allow petty differences, arguments and selfishness to get in the way of the joy and happiness we can have and deserve. Stop worrying over your past mistakes, as long as you learned from them then forgive and forget. The same goes for the mistakes of others, you never know how important other people are until they are gone.

Live for the moment, seize the day but remember to do it in a way you don’t leave those you love out of it. Enjoy the smallest and the simplest things in life along with those not so small or simple. Let go of the conditioning you have received through this world and embrace who you truly are within. Enjoy each minute of life and each second of time you have with those you care for since life is quite short and fleeting. Have love and compassion towards others and make a positive impact on your household , community and if possible the world. With the technology, sciences and ability to transport large quantities of food it is amazing we still have people starving in our world and lifetime. So many countries have wasted surpluses of food that could go to feed the hungry, so much building material available to help improve the lives of the homeless and hopeless.

Have love and compassion for those in need, use what influence you have to help eradicate poverty and starvation. Maybe if all our governments would get over their petty political differences and could focus on the welfare of humanity in a whole they could put an end to the imbalance of food distribution across our planet. Maybe if they would start pouring money into building homes, bringing the poverty-stricken areas into the age of modern farming techniques and equipment they could help end hunger.

For life is precious regardless of its origin and no human being should suffer from lack of food, medicine or adequate housing. Just as no creäture should be hunted into extinction. The shame is those few in power allow such things such as greed, lust of power and political differences to stand in the way of doing what is right. And even when they try to do something good they can not get beyond their political differences long enough to either agree or to make an honest effort.

So its best not to look towards the government nor to the wealthy to make the changes necessary or to really make any effort. It is the common people, working class and below that will have to make the differences and will need to push those in power to follow suit through example and through peaceful means. It is us that have the desire to change the world for the better and not for the better profit margin or political position. .

Life may be short and we may not always have the power to make change alone, but together our many voices crying out and our actions can make a positive change.

Ray Barbier

Evolutionary Thinking

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Here I am.

I had to do some evolutionary thinking today. I had to call upon my Evolutionary Thinker.

My Evolutionary Thinker  is My Higher mind.

The purpose of Evolutionary Thinking is to be an Evolved Individual.

By evolved, I mean that I  mature  into  the future with a different set of  values. Evolutionary thinking comes as a result of incorporating  a ‘Contemporary View of Traditional Values.

A contemporary  view is a fresher angle on life in all its mysteries and nuances. A contemporary  view is  understanding that there has to be a new way understand some traditional spiritual principles.

I like to call it looking at things through my eyes and not just with them. Yes , there is a difference. When I look at things through my eyes , I’m actually looking at life as my Evolutionary Thinker sees.Thats the contemporary view.You have to grow into that type…

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Thought of the Day-2/1/2014

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003Do not worry about the sins of others, think only of the sins you commit. For we are each responsible for our own sins, not the sins of others.  This is not to say one shouldn’t try to help others in need of assistance or guidance, just that we shouldn’t judge or condemn others for sins since we too ourselves are sinners. Preaching of hellfire and damnation only causes fear and chases away those who need salvation. We are all in need of salvation of course, just some know of the way to salvation, some do not and some just are too scared of making the leap of faith. I am not saying we shouldn’t make others aware of the consequences of sin, just we must be preachers, teachers and messengers of the good news.

Salvation is the name of the game, not condemnation.

Ray Barbier

Who and what we truly are

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002Why do we allow the opinions of others to effect our self-image, emotions and outlook on life. We tend to seek acceptance and reassurance from others, we learned this behavior as children. We need to see that though opinions of others have meaning and some weight, that our own opinions are just as important if not more so when it comes to our self. Others do not know you as you know yourself and they usually judge you on preconceived notions based on just one if not a few encounters they had with you. They don’t know your heart or mind, they have little fact or evidence to support their impression of your personality.

Even those that have known you for years still may not truly know who you are truly. Sometimes we do not even know ourselves as good as we should. We tend to be like a chameleon and change with the crowd and circumstances around us to blend in. We try to blend in and we rarely show our true selves out of fear of not being accepted or loved. The problem with being a chameleon or being a person who tries to fit in by putting on a mask is that we are never accepted or loved for who we are. Thus we are not accepted or loved at all, for they love the part we play not for who and what we are.

We try to kid ourselves they love us and accept us even though they see a disguise not our true image. But deep inside we will know is all a lie and falsehood. So it is far better to be loved and accepted by a few as who and what we truly are then to be loved and accepted by many for who we are not.

Be yourself, Believe in yourself and Be true to yourself. Worry not of the opinions of others and love yourself for who you are.

Ray Barbier

Random Thoughts on Tuesday 1/21/2014

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chp_thinkerJust get up and get it done, there is enough time to rest and have fun after its done. Don’t allow your ego or your desire to overload your senses to get in the way of what be done. Flee from procrastination and embrace responsibility, for procrastination only brings either more work to do later or more complications to deal with. Have your fun, but remember to get what needs to be done beforehand.Responsibilities first and then rest, relaxation and entertainment. Keep it balanced and keep it prioritized. If you can find the right balance and do so with a happy heart you may find contentment  and peace. We all have our part to play and job to do in life, we also have our time to play as well as rest.

Not all of us can carry the load alone, share the load of others when you can. One day it may be you that needs a helping hand. Find joy in giving and in helping.others. and find contentment in that which you have been blessed with. 

Ray Barbier