I am but a traveller , a man on a journey on the path of life

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018I am but a traveller , a man on a journey on the path of life. I have been many places I wish I could had avoided and a few I was glad to had visited. I had spent many years just wandering in search of who and what I am. Many have travelled beside me through out the years but mainly I have walked alone. This journey I am on is both one that is in the world around me and that world that exists within me. The sensations of the five senses along with the minds interpretation of the world around me can be both inspiring and distracting to my progress along the path of life.

Many things I have learned during my journey, such things as the difference between selfish lust and the benevolent and unselfish  nature of love. How the focus on the separation of ones self is what sows the seeds of greed,lust,hate and the illusion of elitism. Though we do walk separate and think independently of each other we are a part of a larger organism or life force. Some call this other life-force God, though there is many names for it throughout history. According to most religions our life force the soul or spirit comes from God, by Christian belief God breathed the breath of life into us and made us in his image. Life came from one source and in the end it shall return to that force in one way or another.

Science states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so does this mean the chemical energy within our body and brain continue on in one form or another? Well yes, can we say that our consciousness continues on afterwards? By the current science we have it is not possible to answer that question with a definite and absolute answer.  Science and spirituality and/or religion probably will always be at odds since on deals in the physical universe and the other in the unseen and non physical.  Though science has at least brought us to the understanding that if God is of energy then he was not created not can he be destroyed. Of course this is conjecture since we really only can guess about things when it comes to God.

I continue on my path of life as a humble traveller who seeks to know himself better and the world both around him and within his conscious self. I do not claim to be right in my thoughts, beliefs and assumptions nor do I claim to be wise in any fashion. I only claim that I am walking this path to learn as well as share this experience we call life.


Ray Barbier

Tend to your own grass

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Lawn, Gräsmatta

The Grass does always seem greener on the other side of the fence, the truth is that if it is greener on the other side of the fence is because you have not maintained your own yard. Instead of being a fence jumper, we should be taking care of the lawn we have been given. If we pull the weeds and all the crab grass along with fertilizing and watering our lawn it will become the greener of the  grasses.

Tend to your own grass, learn to make what you have been blessed with the lawn you always dreamed of. With anything in life it takes hard work to have the better things in life. Rarely will good things come out of lack of effort.

Ray Barbier.

far easier to ignore and be blind

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homeless-youthSo many  people in need in our world and so little reason they should be. There is plenty of food and clean water to go around if it isn’t wasted. I think we as a society have grown somewhat complacent and believe our governments are responsible for the well-being of those in need. The fact is each and every one of us are responsible for the wellbeing of ourselves and others. Very little would we have to sacrifice to make another persons life better. Sometimes its just a conversation, an opportunity to provide for themselves or just a simple meal for someone who is hungry. Though throwing money at a problem may treat the symptom but it does not cure the disease.

481243_518998361486259_1417117953_nPOOR-SLOB-Even though there are those that take advantage of the system per se, many are truly willing to work and be a productive part of society. Those whom take advantage of the system should be rooted out and those willing to better themselves should become the main focus. Far as those unable to work or take care of themselves , they are the responsibility of the community in whole.  Some of those in need could be trained and put in charge of taking care of those whom need assistance and others trained to be better suited for a new career as well.

olympics_vancouver_homeless-450x279There are so many of us whom can lend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters who don’t and others decide to turn a blind eye to the truth all around them. Its far easier to ignore and be blind to the suffering of others than face the truth of how many are in need right here in our own country as well in all the nations of the world.We all need to wake up and open our eyes to the needs of our  brothers and sisters. If we all just gave 5 minutes each a day to help others it would change a lot, imagine if we all gave an hour. Just remember it only takes one bad decision or major life event to turn your happy and secure life into a homeless and hungry one.

We all are brothers and sisters in this lifetime we live, we don’t always have to agree or even get along. We just need to have compassion, love and understanding towards each other and even ourselves.

Raymond  Barbier

Encouraging your Discouraged Friend

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There would be time that someone would call you, ask for your help and encouragement. He/she would entail every detail to you and he/she just can’t hold the heaviness of his/her heart and cry it out. And you don’t have any idea how to ease that pain. Only being emphatic is the  closest way to atleast carry off the burden. All you could do is to listen to his/her story and tap his/her back and share an undying encouragement.

It’s not easy to see someone in trouble especially if he/she is close to your heart. But be with him/her in his/her journey. Don’t leave him/her in such a time he/she needs someone like you who’ll remind him/her of what he/she had gone through over the past years.
If you have a friend who needs you now, don’t give up on him/her. Help him/her to rise up above on his/her…

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Random thoughts 8-7-2014

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IMG_1375Life is but a short walk through a garden, so enjoy the view and be kind to the other visitors. We all have been blessed with a chance to experience life, yet many of us do not realize the value of this gift and there are those they don’t recognize the rights of others to live. Such a shame that this late in the game we still have to deal with fear,hate and inequality. With all our advances in the sciences and in education we still are yet  immature emotionally or lack the mental capacity to overcome our fear of differences and the unknown.

Life is short, why do we waste so much time fighting over land and resources that belong to all living things not just one person or nation. I know we need the governmental structures so to keep order, but I can not see why we can not work together for the common good. We allow greed and lust  of power to control our decisions and our hearts way too much. We need to embrace equality,compassion and try to see the whole picture instead of living focused only on our little bubble.

Let us all put our differences aside and work together for the common good of every living thing. Humanity when it works together can be a very creative and unstoppable force.

Ray Barbier

Random Thoughts on Stereotypes and Relationships.

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005The stereotypes society has created for male and female serve a purpose but in the end cause more conflicts within relationships and create so misconceptions bout both sexes. Not all of us fit into what the norm sees as perfect men or women. Humans are diverse and people are not always going to go by the textbook when it comes to their personalities and traits. We come in all shapes, colors and flavors so to speak, the different life experiences we each have helps mold us into the person we are today and what we may become later in life.

So many relationships go bad because of preconceived ideals of what one mate or the other is supposed to be like. We all have this illusive image of what a perfect mate and relationship is supposed to be like and it tends to become as a monkey wrench in the works of love.  Luckily most of the time our mate has some of the traits we wanted in a partner or we wouldn’t have found them attractive, but we must learn to accept the traits within them that we don’t enjoy as much as long as they are not unacceptable ones like  infidelity and abuse. We should forgive our partner for their mistakes, but we are not supposed to allow them to repeatedly hurt us with such actions.

We must throw away our perfect mate ideals and mentality because a mate is only as perfect as you wish to see them as. Love them for the things within them that brings you happiness and try to forgive and tolerate the things that don’t really thrill you about them. Just remember there are many things about yourself that your mate must love and tolerate as well.  Usually in time both mates change and learn to find the common ground between them and work together in harmony if they accept each other as is and not try to mold one another into people that they are not meant to be..

Love relationships are a lot like friendships, you learn to love your true friends for who and what they are for good or ill and they learn to love you in the same way.. So in love it’s the same thing just you have a lot more complications such as living with each other all the time and the physical aspects of such relationships.  But for a love relationship to last there has to be a friendship within it as well, without the friendship all is there is lust or physical attraction and that never lasts for long. So try to get to know your mate and keep the friendship alive within the relationship.

Ray Barbier.


Time to step away from the character I have played

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rayrayd_edited-1To much self, not enough of everybody else. Too much of ego for most of us to let go. Me, myself and I are in the way and it makes me blind. Blind of the truth around me and the connection we all have to everything. Too much worry, anger and paranoia within the self-centered man I seem to be and its time to put him aside for the  person who I truly am.

Time to return to who I was as a child, to the person I am hidden beneath the conditioning of society and the scars of life. Remember the lessons learned and let go of the pain and confusion we accumulated through the years. Too much mental and emotional garbage we have collected through life experiences.  Time to empty my inner recycle bin and go about my way free of such useless and painful thoughts and/or emotions. Free of such things.

Each morning I awake is but a new blank page for me to fill with my life’s journey, yet another day to grow and change. The pages written on the days prior are but the history of which choices I made and directions I have taken. Though I can not change where I have been or what I have done I still can change direction and my destination.

Time to return to who I was meant to be and let go of the egotistical side of me. Time to become who I was meant to be and not what this world has tried to make me into. Time to change my direction and my desired destination. Time to set Goals that are true to who I am and not those that society dictates is normal and desirable. Time to let go of what I am expected to be by others and be who I truly am.

Time to be who God created me to be and time to step away from the character I have played in this worlds masquerade. Time to be set free, time to accept what has been given to me.

 We spend so much time trying to be what others expect us to be we lose the person we truly are. Sometimes we seek out the treasures of this world forgetting where or true treasures lay.

Ray Barbier

Without the initial spark we will never see a flame.

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EarthOnce I had a person say they wished they could change the world, though that is an admirable goal it is one most would find impossible to carry out. Though it seems like something that is near impossible there is always a possibility one person can change the world or at least the way the world thinks. We have seen in history great statesman, politicians , religious leaders and visionaries make considerable changes in the world and in the minds of the people. One voice can make a difference, all change starts within  ourselves and then it radiates outward towards all around us. How we act, react and what we say has a large impact on our world even if it’s in a small way or localized area. If that one voice inspires others to join in then change begins to expand and can enact a change globally. In a nut shell it takes someone to start a movement for change in order for change to come about. Without the initial spark we will never see a flame. Become what you  believe we all should be like, live by example and then others will follow suit. To preach of a peaceful world or life but be in turmoil yourself is self-defeating. Lead and live by example and make change happen if not in the world at least in your part of it. Be an  agent of change and not  an inactive bystander in life.

This world needs more free thinkers, visionaries and promoters of peace and compassion.

Raymond Barbier

What are the caretakers of this world

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IMG_1413What are the caretakers of this world, we were given the responsibility to care for and maintain this wondrous gift that we call Earth.  We have walked down the path of destruction and not one of nurturing and preservation far too long, if we do not change our course we shall lose this planet we call home. Time to plant trees, clean up industry and preserve what wildlife we have remaining. We need the wildlife and the plant life we have here on earth to survive, we also need the air and water we have to be clean to survive as well. What is profit compared to the lives of the many future generations of our kind? It is illogical to seek profit that only destroys or harms  your households future generations.

The love of money only leads to the los of true treasures such as those you love and the future of your household. Imagine what kind of world your great-grandchild will have or even your great great grandchild. Do you want them to have clean water, air and food to eat? Do you want them to see the wonders of the forests and the wildlife they contain?  God gave us this world to live in and he also gave it to us to care for. It’s only fair to care for the earth since it has always provided us with what we needed to survive. If we neglect our home to long it will become so damaged it may not be able to support life anymore.

Until God calls us home to heaven we should care for the home he has blessed us with.

Raymond Barbier

We go running through life tripping over and passing up many of the blessings

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016Life is so temporary in the physical universe, we have but a small grain of sand from the hour-glass of time to spend. We tend to waste a lot of our time forgetting how tiny our piece of time is .We waste so much time feeding our useless EGOS and feeding our petty and temporary desires we tend to leave very little time to appreciate the really important and wondrous things in life. We take love for granted along with the blessing of having life itself. We take those we care about for granted as well.

We go running through life tripping over and passing up many of the blessings we have been given. We don’t even see them because we are so much in a hurry and when we do we quickly glance and move on with little thought and without even being thankful. It’s a shame how fast we live our lives, how we speed through life and miss the wonderful thing called life and those we share it with..

God has given us this life not only to serve him but also to enjoy the blessings he has given us within it. It is a sad thing we fail to appreciate many of those gifts and miss most of them because we run right by them blindly. So remember where your strength comes from, remember where your blessings originate and be thankful for both those you have found and those you have missed due to running too fast through life. We need to slow down and appreciate the life God has blessed us with, we need to open our eyes and see the blessings all around us and show thanks for them all.


If we have such a short time to live, then why do we rush through it so blindly and miss out on all the blessings within it? Do you think its time we slow down and enjoy the ride or shall we continue to race to our life’s end.? ~ Raymond Barbier