Have love and compassion for those in need

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EarthBeing humans we tend to forget how short and temporary life is. We live each day as if we have forever which makes us forget how precious life and the people we love are. We allow petty differences, arguments and selfishness to get in the way of the joy and happiness we can have and deserve. Stop worrying over your past mistakes, as long as you learned from them then forgive and forget. The same goes for the mistakes of others, you never know how important other people are until they are gone.

Live for the moment, seize the day but remember to do it in a way you don’t leave those you love out of it. Enjoy the smallest and the simplest things in life along with those not so small or simple. Let go of the conditioning you have received through this world and embrace who you truly are within. Enjoy each minute of life and each second of time you have with those you care for since life is quite short and fleeting. Have love and compassion towards others and make a positive impact on your household , community and if possible the world. With the technology, sciences and ability to transport large quantities of food it is amazing we still have people starving in our world and lifetime. So many countries have wasted surpluses of food that could go to feed the hungry, so much building material available to help improve the lives of the homeless and hopeless.

Have love and compassion for those in need, use what influence you have to help eradicate poverty and starvation. Maybe if all our governments would get over their petty political differences and could focus on the welfare of humanity in a whole they could put an end to the imbalance of food distribution across our planet. Maybe if they would start pouring money into building homes, bringing the poverty-stricken areas into the age of modern farming techniques and equipment they could help end hunger.

For life is precious regardless of its origin and no human being should suffer from lack of food, medicine or adequate housing. Just as no creäture should be hunted into extinction. The shame is those few in power allow such things such as greed, lust of power and political differences to stand in the way of doing what is right. And even when they try to do something good they can not get beyond their political differences long enough to either agree or to make an honest effort.

So its best not to look towards the government nor to the wealthy to make the changes necessary or to really make any effort. It is the common people, working class and below that will have to make the differences and will need to push those in power to follow suit through example and through peaceful means. It is us that have the desire to change the world for the better and not for the better profit margin or political position. .

Life may be short and we may not always have the power to make change alone, but together our many voices crying out and our actions can make a positive change.

Ray Barbier

Evolutionary Thinking

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Here I am.

I had to do some evolutionary thinking today. I had to call upon my Evolutionary Thinker.

My Evolutionary Thinker  is My Higher mind.

The purpose of Evolutionary Thinking is to be an Evolved Individual.

By evolved, I mean that I  mature  into  the future with a different set of  values. Evolutionary thinking comes as a result of incorporating  a ‘Contemporary View of Traditional Values.

A contemporary  view is a fresher angle on life in all its mysteries and nuances. A contemporary  view is  understanding that there has to be a new way understand some traditional spiritual principles.

I like to call it looking at things through my eyes and not just with them. Yes , there is a difference. When I look at things through my eyes , I’m actually looking at life as my Evolutionary Thinker sees.Thats the contemporary view.You have to grow into that type…

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Thought of the Day-2/1/2014

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003Do not worry about the sins of others, think only of the sins you commit. For we are each responsible for our own sins, not the sins of others.  This is not to say one shouldn’t try to help others in need of assistance or guidance, just that we shouldn’t judge or condemn others for sins since we too ourselves are sinners. Preaching of hellfire and damnation only causes fear and chases away those who need salvation. We are all in need of salvation of course, just some know of the way to salvation, some do not and some just are too scared of making the leap of faith. I am not saying we shouldn’t make others aware of the consequences of sin, just we must be preachers, teachers and messengers of the good news.

Salvation is the name of the game, not condemnation.

Ray Barbier

Who and what we truly are

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002Why do we allow the opinions of others to effect our self-image, emotions and outlook on life. We tend to seek acceptance and reassurance from others, we learned this behavior as children. We need to see that though opinions of others have meaning and some weight, that our own opinions are just as important if not more so when it comes to our self. Others do not know you as you know yourself and they usually judge you on preconceived notions based on just one if not a few encounters they had with you. They don’t know your heart or mind, they have little fact or evidence to support their impression of your personality.

Even those that have known you for years still may not truly know who you are truly. Sometimes we do not even know ourselves as good as we should. We tend to be like a chameleon and change with the crowd and circumstances around us to blend in. We try to blend in and we rarely show our true selves out of fear of not being accepted or loved. The problem with being a chameleon or being a person who tries to fit in by putting on a mask is that we are never accepted or loved for who we are. Thus we are not accepted or loved at all, for they love the part we play not for who and what we are.

We try to kid ourselves they love us and accept us even though they see a disguise not our true image. But deep inside we will know is all a lie and falsehood. So it is far better to be loved and accepted by a few as who and what we truly are then to be loved and accepted by many for who we are not.

Be yourself, Believe in yourself and Be true to yourself. Worry not of the opinions of others and love yourself for who you are.

Ray Barbier

Random Thoughts on Tuesday 1/21/2014

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chp_thinkerJust get up and get it done, there is enough time to rest and have fun after its done. Don’t allow your ego or your desire to overload your senses to get in the way of what be done. Flee from procrastination and embrace responsibility, for procrastination only brings either more work to do later or more complications to deal with. Have your fun, but remember to get what needs to be done beforehand.Responsibilities first and then rest, relaxation and entertainment. Keep it balanced and keep it prioritized. If you can find the right balance and do so with a happy heart you may find contentment  and peace. We all have our part to play and job to do in life, we also have our time to play as well as rest.

Not all of us can carry the load alone, share the load of others when you can. One day it may be you that needs a helping hand. Find joy in giving and in helping.others. and find contentment in that which you have been blessed with. 

Ray Barbier

Tuesday Reflections–1/14/14

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015When you head out to work or school today, ask yourself are you going to let the moods and attitudes of others to affect your own? Set out with a positive attitude and do not allow the moods and attitudes of others affect you negatively. Don’t allow your self to be a reactive personality, instead become an action based personality instead. Take control of your life,and emotions as well. By doing so you will have far more control of where your day and life is heading. Worry little about the opinions of others and concentrate on having a positive attitude, outlook and self-image.

Most people tend to be on a rollercoaster emotionally and mentally due to the fact they allow outside forces to manipulate and/or alter their mindset. There will be ups and there will be downs, the tick is not to allow your self emotionally to overreact to them. Find confidence and temper t with contentment, for it’s better to be happy with what you have than to worry about what you don’t. A good phrase to say when you start to get to high or low emotionally is “it wont last” for it brings you back to the reality that nothing last forever be it good or bad. This keeps your worry and anticipation to a minimum which keeps you emotionally stable and mentally focused.

Nothing will last forever, be it bad times or good. So worry little and don’t allow yourself to be overrun with anticipation. Be content in that which you  been blessed to have and want not for which is not yours to receive.

Ray Barbier

Control your path in life

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022There are those whom seek out love, acceptance and security in others, this is not a bad thing unless it is the only place you seek and find them. Some people can not find love, acceptance or security within their own being, this seems to create a very bad behavior pattern. They float from one lover to another seeking out what they think will fill the void within themselves. The void is the absence of Self acceptance, self-love and self security, even though we can temporarily fill the void with the love of a lover but it quickly disappears. It takes the love within ourselves to compliment and maintain love between ourselves and another, more or less you can not love someone else fully and completely until you learn to love yourself unconditionally.

We tend to over complicate our lives when it can be so simple and direct, Love thyself in order to love others, have compassion and forgiveness for yourself so that you can do the same for others as well. Shrink that overgrown ego to its natural and original size, for a big and boasting ego is but a mask to hide the insecure being within. Lift your self-image up to where it belongs, for you are as great and as small as any other person in this world. Take the wheel and stop letting circumstances, influences and other people control your path in life. Learn the difference between relying on others and using them as a crutch or a shield.Give and worry not about what you will get in return. Learn to balance the needs and wants of the self with the needs and wants of others. Wake up and live your life and stop walking through it in that semi sedated state in which many of us live in.

I am but a fool who seeks to understand and I find being right is far less important than knowing and finding the truth and It is the journey I see as the prize, not the destination.

Ray Barbier

The enemy within

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HPIM0319 Sometimes we face an enemy within ourselves that has the goal of keeping us from succeeding in life in all aspects including spiritual growth. The enemy is our own lack of self-confidence and  self-esteem. It is like having someone constantly whispering in our ear words of discouragement and negativity. I think we all face such an enemy every day within ourselves, just some of us have learned to ignore it or rise above its tactics. Even though we are individuals and have both self-realization and freewill we are also a biological computer of sorts. We are influenced greatly by our knowledge, wisdom and experiences we have had during  our lifetime. This is where the enemy within finds its weapons and fuel, it seeks out our mistakes, regrets and weaknesses from our past. The only way to overcome that is to realize you have grown beyond those things and that you have learned from them as well.

Making mistakes is all part of the learning process, we are supposed to fail so we can learn , grow and move on to the next lesson of life. We are not supposed to hold on to our failure and make it a driving force within our lives. The enemy within is but the side of ourselves that never grew up and out of the sorrow and regret we had from our past failures. We need to learn to forgive ourselves for past mistakes and learn from them so we do not repeat them in the present or future. Put our past behind us but remember the lessons learned within it. Live not in the past for it exists no more, live not in the future for it has not yet come to pass. Live within the here and now, be the most you can be and embrace the present for it is where life is lived.

Yesterday is dead and gone, Tomorrow is but a dream yet to be realized and today is where the two meet. Today is the place and time we are meant to live in.

Ray Barbier

Wealth usually distracts one from a spiritual path

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036What Drives you? The Possessions, Trinkets and Wealth? Power and control of those around you? Fame and popularity? love and the wellbeing of every living Creature? Are your goals and is your path one of selfishness or is it one of selflessness and compassion? Are you a Materialistic Individual or do you pursue the path of an Academic or of a Spiritual and religious nature?

These questions can only be answered by you and which you choose is solely up to you. Just think heavily on both the rewards and costs of each road you can travel. Though you can mix them a bit but one path must take prominence over the rest. For instance you can be an academic whom sole desire is power and wealth or you can be an academic whom desires nothing else but to be spiritual and religious. Wealth and Spiritual / Religious paths rarely mixes due to the fact wealth usually distracts one from a spiritual path.

What ever path you choose, walk it faithfully till its end, not saying one can not change their path, just its better to be fully dedicated to one path or the other than to switch aimlessly for you will get nowhere fast doing such. As I said the choice is yours alone so I can not tell you which to follow nor fault you on which you choose. It is a God given gift of freewill that gives you the ability and right to choose your own path.

Choose your path in life wisely and stay true to the path you have chosen. Try to walk it with as much integrity, compassion and understanding as you can.

Ray Barbier

we are all part of this great thing called life.

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HPIM0064Life is such a fragile thing, one moment it’s here and next it can be gone. How we wander through it as if we are going to live forever, how we take for granted our friends, family and those we hold dear to our heart. So wrapped up in our own life we tend to overlook the fact we are part of a world full of other people whom are on the same journey we call life. Most of us walk through life in a somewhat dream state, half awake and half asleep and blind to the what is going on around us.

We need to awaken from this state  of partial sleeping so we can be a part of the wondrous thing we call life. We must take notice of every living creäture both great and small, for they all play a part in the grand scheme of this existence. Though we will probably continue to wander through life in a daze and live it without ever knowing  how grand it is. Only the children know the true beauty of life, they can find happiness and love even in the worst of circumstances and environments. They can find forgiveness for the wicked, they can find love for the loveless and see the beauty in all that is around them.

Unfortunately they will grow up and lose this true sight and be blinded by the self and the illusion we are all separate and not a part of a whole. Thus we should care for one another as if they are ourselves. We all come from the same source of life so we are all the same in the end. No one is greater than another, to think one is greater than his brother or sister  is but  an illusion  and can only cause us to have insecurities or help to increase those we already have.

So wake up and take not this life nor those whom you share it with for granted. Love and care for one another for we are all part of this great thing called life.

Ray Barbier