Not only hear you but listen and surrender to your will

Cristo Redentor, the famous Christ the Redeeme...

I see your face everywhere I go, I feel your love even in those I do not know. I long for the peace you bring and the tranquility within the love you give. The wisdom you share is beyond my mortal minds ability to find on its own. The grace you give us is so profound it is rarely fully understood. The love and compassion you taught is still practiced by some and longed for by many. The wondrous world I live in shows signs of your greatness and of your existence.

Some misunderstand your message and others seek out the true meaning of your teachings. There are those who seek war in your name and fail to see that you taught compassion and love not hate. Humanity’s blindness keeps them from living together and loving one another. We should try to work together to become the kind of people you want us to be. We shouldn’t judge one another or hate one another because of differences in belief or culture. We love, but the love we have is but a reflection of the ultimate love you have and show to us. We fail to see the freewill you granted us is for all people, regardless of nationality, religious belief or social status and only you can give it or take it away.

If we could just learn to accept and embrace your love, only if we could see the big picture and not be deceived by our small personal view of things. Just think how different this world would be, how much happier we all would become and ultimately how far we as a species could go. I guess we all need to get over ourselves and learn to not only hear you but listen and surrender to your will.

Keep faith, Embrace his love and grace. Be like a mirror and reflect both on others.

Ray Barbier

About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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