Just some thoughts that hit me in a dream

Embrace who you are, be that special person God has made you to be. All of your life experiences be they good or bad helped make you into the person you are today and God has been nudging you in the right directions since birth. Some may had to be born poor, others had to be […]

Try to do the right thing if possible

To love one another, to be as brothers and sisters wanting nothing but each others company and friendship. This is how we are supposed to be and some of us do value such and try to live in such a manner. The problem is the self/id/ego tends to get in the way, we value our individuality […]

We are to serve God, not our own selves

Why is it we have such a hard time trying to be brotherly/sisterly to one another? As children of God we are supposed to be compassionate, caring, loving and not judgmental. We seem to cling on to the fleshly desire of serving ourselves and following our own will than serving God an his will. Out lusts, greed […]

A few words of kindness

A few kind words can go a long way, it can brighten up someone’s dreary day, boost confidence and even forge new relationships and strengthen old ones. The time it takes to say a few words of kindness or encouragement is just a few seconds and it can change ones day of not their life […]

Put away those excuses for they are weightless and empty.

God is calling his people, Jesus is pointing the way. Answer the call to compassion, the call for forgiveness and for love. Be the loving, compassionate person God has planed for you to be. Stop letting the ways of the world keep you from your potential and put away those excuses for they are weightless and […]

be their helpers in every way possible

  Helping those who are in need and that are unable to help themselves is not only feeding, clothing, housing or caring for their physical needs it is also caring for their spiritual and emotional needs as well. We are supposed to be their helpers in every way possible. We are to be their best […]

Some of What…..

Some of what the world says is important Looks / appearance wealth popularity self-satisfaction possessions compliance social normalcy Physical strength Power The Self Personal Achievements Being number one Some of what the bible tells us is important God & Jesus Caring for the weak and helpless Hope Compassion Understanding Being Humble Morality Doing what is […]

we can not achieve perfection by any means

Perfection, something many strive for but none truly ever reach. The illusion that we can achieve some form of perfection is nothing but a vicious trap. The more we work to be perfect the more we seem to find fault in ourselves. There is no man or woman who can achieve perfection and to try […]

how much a blessing it is to have life

Yet another morning is beginning and another night has come to a close,I made it through another day of life and I have blessed with another day of life. Sometimes we forget how much a blessing it is to have life, without it nothing else would matter because you wouldn’t exist. Life is a wonderful […]

Eventually what God wants for us becomes what we want as well

The self, the ego, the id is one of our biggest roadblocks to happiness and to surrendering to God’s will. The ego has little interest in anyone or anything unless they are either beneficial or detrimental to it in someway. We are who we are and we can not do without the ego for it […]