Just some thoughts that hit me in a dream

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IMG_1342Embrace who you are, be that special person God has made you to be. All of your life experiences be they good or bad helped make you into the person you are today and God has been nudging you in the right directions since birth. Some may had to be born poor, others had to be born into wealth, some had to be male others female. it’s all a part of the grand design god has laid out. God has set out a plan for each of us, a path that he made just for us. And with each turn he changes the path in order to lead you back to him from whatever place you have wandered into. God doesn’t want to condemn anyone nor does he want us to fail, he wants all of us to come home to him in the end. No matter what choices you make or had made he always leaves a way out if you are willing to choose it. He keeps his hand extended in hopes you will reach out and grab it.

Embrace the being he has led you to become, do not let the opinions of others sway you from the happiness God wants us all to have. There is no such thing as someone who is greater or better than another, all of us are sinners and fall short of the Glory of God. We are all beautiful and wonderful in the eyes of God, even with our sins and shortcomings. The Grace we received through Christ and through the love of God is what makes it so.

We are not here to condemn one another, we are here to not only save ourselves but lead our brothers and sisters into salvation . Hate is not of God or of his plan for us, Love and forgiveness is that which we must embrace and live by.

Raymond Barbier

Try to do the right thing if possible

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IMG_1254To love one another, to be as brothers and sisters wanting nothing but each others company and friendship. This is how we are supposed to be and some of us do value such and try to live in such a manner. The problem is the self/id/ego tends to get in the way, we value our individuality so much we tend to forget the unity we are meant to have with one another. A person may stand alone, but when that person falls there is no one there to help them up or try to catch them. We should be caring, compassionate and loving towards ourselves and others regardless of the differences we have as a species. God commands us to love one another and that is not limited to fellow Christians but also to all other humans regardless of religious beliefs or lack of belief. We may not have to love their choices or their sins, but we are to love them. For their choices and sins are between them and God not between us and them. Leave the Judging, condemnation and punishments to God who is the only true Judge and be forgiving, understanding and full of the love God gave you.

Don’t let your personal desires, feelings and convictions affect anyone besides your own self. Try to avoid letting anger or self interests to control your actions and try to do the right thing if possible. For we all are sinners and have sinned therefore none of us are worthy of the kingdom of god without his loving grace. No person is greater or lesser than another, no one is without fault or sin. So love one another as equals, love one another as family and give thanks for the grace we all have received.

Look within your own mind and heart and see the sins and transgressions you have committed before you go pointing fingers at your brothers and sisters shortcomings. Remember we are all in this together and not one of us stands above or below another. Bless one another and be good to one another

Ray Barbier

We are to serve God, not our own selves

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Why is it we have such a hard time trying to be brotherly/sisterly to one another? As children of God we are supposed to be compassionate, caring, loving and not judgmental. We seem to cling on to the fleshly desire of serving ourselves and following our own will than serving God an his will. Out lusts, greed and our drive to be successful in the world seems to come before our spiritual needs. We are to serve God, not our own selves and when we do something we are to do it as if we are doing it for God himself. We are to forgive and bless not only our friends or family but even enemies and those who we call strangers.

This world is set up to keep you trapped in a consumer minded maze of living hand to mouth with little money to save nor time to enjoy with friends and family. We focus too much on what we can buy for our loved ones and even for ourselves and less on the fellowship and companionship we should be enjoying. We lost the sense of what loving each other as spiritual brothers and sisters is all about. We need to focus on God’s will and the love he wants us to share with one another.

Concern yourself not of the sins of others, for their sins are something that is between them and God. Forgive those who need forgiving and bless not only friends and family, but enemies and strangers as well. We are to love and be supportive of one another.

Ray Barbier

A few words of kindness

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IMG_1077A few kind words can go a long way, it can brighten up someone’s dreary day, boost confidence and even forge new relationships and strengthen old ones. The time it takes to say a few words of kindness or encouragement is just a few seconds and it can change ones day of not their life in some cases. We all want to be noticed, appreciated and occasionally told things are going to be alright or will get better.  Being kind to one another and being either inspiring or encouraging is all part of fellowship and part of being a Christian. Seems a lot of Christians get stuck on the judging and condemning of others and forget its compassion, love, charity and kindness it what we as Christians are supposed to do and encourage in others.  We are here to help one another not to condemn ridicule or judge others. No man or woman who walks this earth is perfect or free of sin or a sinful heart. Without the Grace of God and the Salvation through Christ, none of us would be able to enter the kingdom of God.

So speak words of kindness and encouragement to one another and do good for one another. We are all in this world together so we should do the best we can to make this life full of kindness, love and happiness.

Ray Barbier

Put away those excuses for they are weightless and empty.

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p10213God is calling his people, Jesus is pointing the way. Answer the call to compassion, the call for forgiveness and for love. Be the loving, compassionate person God has planed for you to be. Stop letting the ways of the world keep you from your potential and put away those excuses for they are weightless and empty. Make time to be the dad, mom, brother, sister, child and friend you are supposed to be in Christ. Do your best to be what God has set before you to be. Be the teacher, preacher, advisor, thinker and/or healer he has prepared you to be.

God has set plans for your life and so have you. Are your plans compatible with God’s? If not then better make new plans and follow God’s Will.

Ray Barbier

be their helpers in every way possible

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MP900427738  Helping those who are in need and that are unable to help themselves is not only feeding, clothing, housing or caring for their physical needs it is also caring for their spiritual and emotional needs as well. We are supposed to be their helpers in every way possible. We are to be their best friend, mentor, brother / sister and so on. They are fellow human beings and fellow children of God so they are a part of our great extended family through God and Christ. It all boils down to having and giving the same kind of love God and Jesus has given us. We should take care of each other as if we were family, we shouldn’t see others as separate from our family in Christ. Christ taught compassion towards all people, regardless of race, sex and even religion. How are we to win the hearts of those who don’t know Christ if we shun them for believing differently. That just closes the doors to their hearts and minds to us and to Christ as well.

 We are supposed to be good examples of both God and  Jesus’s  love and their mercy not Judgmental and hurtful.

Ray Barbier

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Some of What…..

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Some of what the world says is important

  • Looks / appearance
  • wealth
  • popularity
  • self-satisfaction
  • possessions
  • compliance
  • social normalcy
  • Physical strength
  • Power
  • The Self
  • Personal Achievements
  • Being number one


Some of what the bible tells us is important

  • God & Jesus
  • Caring for the weak and helpless
  • Hope
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Being Humble
  • Morality
  • Doing what is right
  • Love
  • Devotion
  • Peace
  • Brotherhood / Sisterhood
  • Family
  • Cleanliness
  • Faithfulness

we can not achieve perfection by any means

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2Perfection, something many strive for but none truly ever reach. The illusion that we can achieve some form of perfection is nothing but a vicious trap. The more we work to be perfect the more we seem to find fault in ourselves. There is no man or woman who can achieve perfection and to try is to waste precious time and energy. We can achieve great and miraculous things but we will have many mistakes involved in the process. Mistakes and faults are what makes us who and what we are for through them we learn and grow spiritually. I believe many are perfectionists out of their fear of failure or some kind of desire to be accepted. Many overachievers and perfectionist are driven by the dreams and expectations of their parents, partners and peers. They haven’t realized that the only dreams and expectations they need to worry about is their own. God has given each of us talents and gifts and a purpose for them. We should be concerned about What god wants and set goals by what we know we can achieve. To set too low or too high of goals for our abilities is only setting us up for either failure or wasting of the talents and gifts God has given us.

Through God and Jesus we can achieve anything that is within the will of God. God knows we are not perfect and that we can not achieve perfection by any means on our own. So why should we expect perfection of ourselves or others if God doesn’t expect it of any of his children? God only expects us to do our best and to do it for his glory. So give up on perfection and embrace the idea of doing the best you can and for the Glory of God. In the end God and Jesus are the ones that matter the most in life.

 The hardest part of following God’s Will is the part where we have to surrender our will and give up our own selfish desires. Putting God before everyone and everything else.

Ray Barbier.

how much a blessing it is to have life

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020Yet another morning is beginning and another night has come to a close,I made it through another day of life and I have blessed with another day of life. Sometimes we forget how much a blessing it is to have life, without it nothing else would matter because you wouldn’t exist. Life is a wonderful and wondrous gift god gave humanity, he gave us the ability to create or destroy, to love or hate and to follow our will or his. He gave us life and the freedom to choose how we live it and for whom we live it as well.

So we should show thanks each morning for another day of life and give thanks in the evening for that day we were blessed to live.

God gave humanity life, freewill and salvation. We have the choice to accept salvation and to follow his will or not. Thankful I am he gave me the life and the freedom to choose how I live it.

Ray Barbier

Eventually what God wants for us becomes what we want as well

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002 The self, the ego, the id is one of our biggest roadblocks to happiness and to surrendering to God’s will. The ego has little interest in anyone or anything unless they are either beneficial or detrimental to it in someway. We are who we are and we can not do without the ego for it makes us who we are. We can however learn to tame the ego, put it in its place and let God’s will supersede our own and that of the ego. I guess it comes down to prioritizing, what God wants comes first and what we want comes last. Eventually what God wants for us becomes what we want as well so there is no conflict once we surrender to the will of God and accept him and Jesus in faith. This is not to say the ego is gone, it will pop up its ugly little selfish head from time to time, but when it does it has no power over us for we embrace the will of God.

Just a few Random thoughts for today.

Ray Barbier