Global Warming

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 Don’t you just love how the government officials and scientists argue over the point that if mankind has contributed to the recent warming of the earth. How can anyone stand there and say that all the carbon monoxide/dioxide,methane gas and other pollutants we pump into our atmosphere is not doing any harm to the earths ecosystem. Regardless of how little or how much we influence the ecosystem should not be a debate. I think we should strive to be more earth friendly due to the fact that the children of today and their children will see the impact of our decisions and the results of our influence that we have on the ecosystem. Most of the arguments about if or if not we should be more green oriented in the world is pretty much being fought due to the issue of the cost of going green. The way I look at it is the benefits down the road will far out weigh the costs. For one thing America can once again be independent in the area of energy including the area of transportation. The oil Giants will have to adapt to survive. Eventually the combustion engine will be a thing of the past and new technologies will arise along with the need of some sort of energy to make them work. At this time it looks like it may be Hydrogen fuel cells and I see no reason why the big oil companies couldn’t start investing in the development of technologies that relate to the hydrogen fuel cells. They can also develop a more efficient way of extracting hydrogen from water. Either way we were blessed with life and a planet to live on. We should take responsibility for our home called earth.

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