Embrace the gifts

What is my purpose in life?

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  A person once asked me how do you figure out your purpose in life? Well some people use numerology, astrology and other sources trying to find the answer to that question. No secret system or mystic idea will help you find purpose in life only you can choose a purpose. Fate is the result of  the choices you have made, therefore your purpose in life is also your choice. Freewill is the the core of our existence, the ability to choose ones destiny and not leaving it to chance is the true path of life. So if you are seeking the reason or purpose in your life then you must first look within yourself to find the real you.

  Finding the real you is not an easy task for you have to first shed all the influences of the world. Let go of the fears you have learned, the judgments of others and the self image created by both you and your peers. Look at yourself with no judgment, accept who you are in whole. Sometimes our worst enemy and or judge is our own selves.  Now look at your good points and assets and see which of them brings you the most satisfaction. I.E. Say you like to help others or have a knack with being a dear Abby type of person then maybe your purpose is just that , to be a counselor , therapist or maybe a mentor. Many things can come from just that one attribute.

Someone once said there are no small parts just small actors and that applies to the grand play we call life. Not one part is greater or smaller than the other, Every action can set a series of reaction into play and change more than you would believe. Who knows maybe you will do one thing that may start off a great change in the world we live in if not just in the small town that you reside. Find the real you and embrace the gifts you were both given and have earned or learned. Use them for the good of all living things and you will reap the benefits of your actions.

Well enough rambling for now
until the next post, Peace
R. Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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