The Freedom Factor

Okay here is a rough draft of a story i am trying emphasize Trying to write. Tell me what you think


Since the day martial law was imposed and all of our freedoms were revoked the great nation we knew was no longer alive. The government spouted many excuses and reasons for the removal of our freedom and rights, everything from national security to the safety of the citizens. Many of us have been imprisoned in the so called F.E.M.A. camps and the rest were left to survive on our own. Food supplies have been cut and electricity is only for government use. So in the dark and without the conveniences we are used to. For  those of us who were fortunate enough not to be in the F.E.M.A. camps we live off of wild game and home gardens with nothing but our wits and will to survive to keeps us going.

How did we get to where we are today, living off the land and in camps, Well it all started when We the people decided that the government was heading to much towards a communist agenda and tried to protest against the new polices the federal government was forcing down our throats. The protests were civil, but when they grew too large to tolerate the government decided human rights were no longer important. They began beating, incarcerating and even killing the protesters trying to smash the movement. The only thing they achieved was to anger the majority of the population, which brought on riots and eventually a rebellion.

Unfortunately for the rebels the government maintained its hold on the military and quickly ended the uprising, but this created the perfect situation to put martial law into effect. This is how we found our selves in such a challenging situation. With at least 80% of the civilian population in F.E.M.A. camps or government controlled cities and the remaining 20% are left to survive on their own in rural areas. The following is the story of a group of people in the Appalachian mountains who chose freedom and to survive on their own terms.

Chapter I  – The Death of Lady Liberty

The year is 2019 and the current Federal Government has recently passed a population control law that restricts the birthrate to one child per household and requires a government permit in order to have the one child. Any unauthorized pregnancies will be forcibly aborted along with fines up to 10,000 dollars or 2 years imprisonment. This was the first of many laws that was to be imposed by the federal government. Several others were to follow such as mandatory military service for all children starting at age 12, the illegalization of firearms of any type and the complete control of all utilities such as electric , water and natural gas. President  McKenzie being a very charismatic spokesman seemed to have the public under his spell  and he imposed his agenda with little resistance till the population control act. This stirred up the hornets nest so to speak, he had finally pushed the public too far and protest soon became a regular site at the Whitehouse gates.

Sally Johnson was sitting on the doctors examination table waiting results from her blood work, When the doctor came in and announced she was pregnant it came as a great surprise since she has been on birth control since she had he little boy Joseph six years prior. “Since you have one child Miss Johnson, I will have to schedule you an appointment at the Population Control Center for a abortion. The P.C.C. will notify you of your appointment within a few days.”  Without another word spoken the doctor leaves the examination room. Sally gets home and sits quietly waiting for Joseph to get home from school. Joseph comes bolting through the door excited about the A he had scored on his math test. “Mommy, Mommy look I got a A on my test mommy. Why you crying mommy? What’s wrong mommy?” “It’s ok Joseph, Mommies just so happy and proud of her little man.” With a big hug and a kiss Joseph was off to his room and Sally started dinner.

Later that evening she the telephone rang it was the P.C.C. “Is Sally Johnson Available?”,”This is Sally Can I help you?”,”we are calling to confirm an appointment for a pregnancy termination at 9 am  tomorrow morning ”. After confirming the appointment and getting directions Sally politely said thank you and hung up the phone trying not to cry in front of her son Joseph or her Husband Frank. She didn’t want frank to know or worry about the pregnancy termination. The morning came quickly and she kissed her Husband and son as they left to both school and work. She quickly got dressed and drove to the P.C.C. and set in her car crying and trying to force herself to go into the building. “It’s my baby” she says loudly and drives off. She drives around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do, She doesn’t want to loose her baby and she can’t go home unless she does.

Joseph Comes crashing though the door like he usually does every day after school and doesn’t even notice his mother wasn’t home as he ran up the stairs to his room. Being Friday Joseph always went straight to his room to watch his favorite shows. Frank pulls up into the driveway seeing Sally’s car missing but josephs light on in his room. He hurries into the house and heads straight for josephs room. He finds Joseph sleeping on the floor in front of the television. Seeing his son was okay he turned off the television and the lights leaving Joseph sleeping on the floor. As frank closed the door to josephs room there was a knock on the door. Frank answered the door to find 2 law enforcement officers from the P.C.C. standing there. ”Is Miss Johnson in?, She is wanted for not complying to the Population Control Act ordinance 32 part b section 1 Failure to appear for Pregnancy Termination.”

Frank being surprised both by the Officers being at his door and the fact his wife being pregnant replied “Only our son Joseph is here up in his room and Sally wasn’t here when I got home.” “If that’s the case Mr. Johnson I guess you wouldn’t mind if we looked for ourselves.”  Mind it or not Frank knew better to try and interfere with federal agents., so he stood quietly by the door as the officers searched the house. “Well Mr. Johnson if she shows up have her gives us a call.” One of the officers handed him a card and Told him with a menacing grin “Have a nice day”. Frank Closed the door and let out a big sigh of relief, at least he knows Sally hasn’t been caught yet.

Sally decided to head towards Kentucky to hide in her fathers cabin, The cabin being in the mountains she figured it would be a good place to hide for a while.  She arrives at the cabin to find her dad waiting for her on the porch shotgun in hand. Her father greets her by the car with a hug and explains how frank called and let him know that she was on the run and might be calling on him.  He places his hand upon her shoulder and smiled as he said “I knew this is where you would go my little doodlebug, you always loved coming up here with me during dear season. I’ve got the place all stocked up with food and water so you should be set for a while.” Her father hands the shotgun over to her with a few boxes of shells and grabs his hunting rifle and some ammo out of his beat up pickup. They both headed into the cabin and before Sally could even sit down her Father Ted started a pot of coffee.

   Its been several months since Frank got the email from Sally’s father telling him that Sally is safe, The federal agents have been keeping them under surveillance. Though it may be a incontinence to be watched day and night it kept Frank at ease because he figured as long as they watch him they haven’t found Sally. Sally by now should be about 6 months pregnant and Frank can’t stop thinking about her and the baby.Just like any other morning Joseph hurries out the door where his father is waiting to take him to school. Joseph hops into the back seat and buckles up as his dad starts backing out of the driveway. Frank notices that the car that the federal agents normally are in watching the house isn’t there this morning. Frank looks back at Joseph and tells him they aren’t going to work or school today that they are going to go visit grandpa. Frank taking no chances hurries to the banks ATM and withdraws some cash for the trip.

Theresa Maiden is 3 months pregnant and is heading to the Population Control Center for pregnancy termination. She is sitting in the back of a police car handcuffed being transferred to the P.C.C. . There was a hundred or so protesters outside the Population Control Center when the police car with Theresa inside arrived. Officers outside the building were struggling to keep a path open for Theresa and the agents as exited the car and began their approach. Theresa realized this was it, This was the end of her baby’s life and the end of her freedom. She began crying out for help and screaming “Help, Help, they’re going to kill my baby”. She struggled desperately to get free of the agents as they dragged her closer and closer to the front door. The protesters rushed the agents freeing Theresa, she then started to run into the crowd of protesters until she felt a stinging warm sensation in her back. She falls to the ground bleeding from a gun shot wound, one of the agents had fired his gun as she broke free. The protesters scattered except for a few who ran over to try and help Theresa  but she was already dead.

The Government tried to keep the death of Theresa Maiden quit but not even the censorship of the news networks was enough to kill the truth. Within a month the news of her death was known world wide, Protesters became violent and the rebellion was born. Martial law has been declared. With the death of Theresa Maiden came the death of the once great Lady Liberty.


Well that all for now, Will try and write more later. Being my first attempt at writing something other than poems and thoughts it may be a bit dry or redundant. 🙂


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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