Love thyself, be yourself and be true to yourself.

IMG_1078We can not be liked or loved by every person we meet, even though each of us are unique in our own way we also share common traits with others. Some people may find a common chord with you and be a part of your journey through life and then there are those no matter how hard you may try they will always see you as an outcast or a joke. that is just how this life is and there is little one can do about that fact, just learn to accept the gift of friendship from those that you find and forgive and dismiss the ones that are not yours to call friend. It may be nice to belong and feel loved by everyone you meet but unfortunately the possibility of such is nothing but a pipe dream.  Also if you try too hard to be liked and to belong you usually wind up pushing away those who could be your friends as well as making a fool of yourself unknowingly before everyone you meet. Best to learn to love and accept yourself for what you are and worry not about the thoughts and opinions of those around you. For if you become a person whom you like and can live with everyday then usually you will find that others will follow in liking you and accepting you for what and who you really are. Be yourself and be true to yourself so that you do not mislead yourself or others. Being human I myself have many faults I wish to hide away from the public eye but they always find a way to rear their ugly little heads for others to see from time to time. So I have learned to accept my shortcomings but not to give up on correcting them. No one person is perfect and the grass on the other side of the fence only seems to be greener than yours. To be really true to yourself you must face both your good and your bad points in your personality. Far as the bad points the first step in overcoming or controlling them is to accept the fact they exist. You can not fix what you do not believe is broken as well as you can not improve what you see as unchangeable as well. For there is no bad trait that can not be either improved or overcame through perseverance and the desire to better ones self. The biggest enemy to self-improvement is ones self-doubt, we all have it just some of us have more than others. We must learn to overcome the fear of failure and the fear of change in order to move forward on the path of self-improvement. In each one of us is the power and strength to become more than we could even dream of becoming. It isn’t all positive thinking but to be positive is one of the many keys to self improvement and success. Besides positive thinking one must be willing to act upon the positive thoughts and work towards making them a part of reality. To think positive alone will only bring you small results if not just set you up for a fall in the end. Just thinking about taking your first step does not start the journey, it is taking the first step and the risks that come from moving forward. Belief in something has a lot of power but putting that belief into a physical action has far more power to enact change. The faith of the mustard seed would be useless if it wasn’t for it following through with that faith by acting. Without action there is no chance for reaction, even visualization in its self is an action though limited in its possibilities of reaction without some physical action to support it.


Love thyself, be yourself and be true to yourself.

Be positive and act upon faith as well as your positive thinking.


Peace to all

Raymond Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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