Things seem more complicated than they really are

mypic2006bWhy does is seem we have a tendency as humans to make things seem more complicated than they really are. We dissect every situation, emotion and experience only to overlook the simple truths that could be seen by looking at it in whole. Sometime an apple is just an apple and an orange isn’t a melon. Yeah sure sometimes there is hidden meanings in things but most of the time things are what they are and you don’t have t dissect it to see that. All the wasted energy and the stress created by the frustration of not finding the non-existent hidden meaning only distracts us from the truth we seek. Sometimes I don’t even think we even know what it is we are searching for and other times I think we are just so wrapped up in the process to see its unnecessary.

In relationships we tend to do this when the relationship fails, we tear apart every memory and emotion trying to find out what went wrong. Sometimes relationships die and other times there wasn’t a real relationship there to start with. A lot of times it was more of a physical attraction and not love that brought the people together and physical attraction is fickle and can disappear almost as fast as it appeared. To be honest who really cares who is to blame or why it happened, it happened and that is the end of it. Move on and find a new relation to be in and hope it isn’t just one based on physical attraction alone.

If you try to dissect every situation and become obsessed with finding the hidden meaning or reason you are only letting situation distract you from what is important. Life is way to short to make everything in it complicated or to meditate on every situation you are in. There are always situations that are complicated and need to be dissected to find the truth but they are far and few in-between. Life is simpler than we perceive it to be, and the true trick to being happy in life is t keep it as simple as possible.

“Simple Simon may have been a simple man but he also was a happy and content man.”

Raymond Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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