Friends: What a mighty small word, to be such a powerful force in our lives

Friends, 2003, oil on canvas, 36" by 48&q...

Friends, 2003, oil on canvas, 36″ by 48″. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today,….as i sit here and ponder all of the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me, i am thanking the Lord for my wonderful friends.  I am often amazed at how they have happened into my life.  Some by choice, and some quite by accident.  All so different, yet somehow alike.  But all, such wonderful blessings!!

The Lord works in such mysterious ways.  He puts people into our lives that come as strangers, but become transformed into family.  That in itself, is a miracle.  Not related by blood, but by love, and in spirit.
I am also so thankful, that they have allowed me to share their lives, and become a part of their family.  That too, is a blessing.  To love, and to be loved without a care as to skin color, age, weight, or background.  Just to be accepted, and loved for who you are.  Friends that lift you up, and encourage you.  Friends that give you good advice, and who stay by your side, even when you are not so nice to be around.  Friends who share your joys, and your sorrows.  Friends who want to see you succeed, and are so happy when you do.  Friends that allow you to share the same things in their lives.
Friends.  What a mighty small word, to be such a powerful force in our lives.  Friends,…equal to family.  Equal to love.  I am so very blessed!!  Thank you, Lord!!
Cathy Ann Adams
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9 Responses to Friends: What a mighty small word, to be such a powerful force in our lives

  1. Really inspiring and really nice – keep it up! thank you for that.


  2. mystyk163 says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways. He gives us who we need, when we need them. And I have found the BEST family members are not the ones who are blood related..Thank God!! 😀

    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. We are all very blessed in many ways ❤


  3. Sunshine says:

    Friendships are truly a blessing. Great post!
    Thank you for the mention in your article.
    ~Abundant blessings and peace 🙂


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