He made everything that is pleasing to man’s senses.

083Today, I was caught up in the wonder of God‘s, glory, and the beauty of His handiwork.  He made everything that is pleasing to man’s senses.  The blues, of the sky.  The greens, of the leaves on the trees, and grass.  The smell, of the earth.  All pleasing to the senses of sight, and of smell.  Then, I saw a beautiful Butterfly.  I marveled at the amazing detail, that only a divine touch could have designed, and created.  I studied the Rose, and how intricate its design and color is.  Also, it’s very pleasant scent. .  So many different kinds of flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees.   Each one, with its own special colors, and smells.  So amazing, and so overwhelming to me!  How could anyone ever doubt that God, exists?  Yet,….there are some that do doubt His existence.

p10300When I see a newborn baby, and see how helpless, and innocent it is, I marvel yet again.  I could never even begin to understand, how such a perfect, and tiny little one, is created.  How a soul is infused, inside a tiny little body.  Or how there is instant love for this tiny little being, before it is even born. It is truly a miracle to me!  Another reason to believe in God.  Still,….there are those who do not believe in Him.  God does exist, and He is very real, to me.  He is as real, as the person that I am standing here.  He is the creator of every living thing.  He made and created everything, by just speaking it in to existence.  He Himself, is a miracle.  I am so thankful and grateful, that i have witnessed such miracles in life.  Such awesome wonders.  Such beautiful things.

Cathy Ann Adams

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in your blog! I’m looking forward to future reading!


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