Faith, Friends and Family

CB100292 Faith, Friends and Family are the keys to a happy and fulfilling life. Christ taught us of forgiveness, tolerance, compassion and of true faith. Friends and family are the both the glue that keeps us together and the support system that keeps us from falling overboard.  Faith is the fuel as well as the foundation for our walk through life, without faith there is no hope and no salvation for us. To believe the promises as well as in his mercy is what we must do as we face the wickedness and immoral desires of our flesh. We should embrace the spirit of hope, compassion and love that god had put within us and shrug off the spirit of fear the world forces upon us daily. We also should stand strong against the daily distractions the world throws at us for they keep us from the things God wants us to do as well as experience.

MP900427741 We are not to judge and if we must judge do it by scripture but with mercy for we shall be judged in the same we judge others. We should love one another and overlook the shortcomings in others for we too are plagued with sin and faults. It is very common for us to dislike faults in others that we harbor within ourselves. This is why we should be merciful in our judgments when we choose to judge others. Love the sinner but rebuke the sin and forgive the trespass. We can not allow our pride or arrogance stand in the way of our love and compassion. No man or woman is greater or lesser than another, some may live a more fortunate life but this does not make them greater.  God gives all his children blessings if they recognize them or not and each of us are given an equal share in God’s grace.

Concept Far as those who either do not believe in God  or those who chose a different religion we should not forsake them for God gave each person the right to choose their own path. We should love them as siblings and pray for their souls. We should not hate someone of other faiths for they too are one of God’s children and we should love one another. We can not and should not try to force our beliefs on others for several reasons. Mainly because a forced belief is not a true belief and the fact salvation comes from freely accepting Christ not by being forced. We should respect each others right to follow and believe in the way we choose. Too many mistakes have been made by religious zealots in the history of man when it comes to religion.

003Though I know my ideas and beliefs could be wrong just as easily they could be right. I do not claim to be an expert nor that all I believe is the only answer or even the right one. But They are here for you to read as well as to ignore. May god bless you and thank you for reading.

Raymond Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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17 Responses to Faith, Friends and Family

  1. Shelly says:



  2. This is a great post, Ray!! You have touched on all the areas of a Christian’s life. Family, and friends, are our greatest treasures here on this earth. Faith and love are the glue, that holds it all together, combined with forgiveness and compassion!!


  3. Freedomborn says:

    I agree Raymond, we need to warn those who sin as God tells us to do, not to do so is disobedience and shows lack of Love. As for those who worship and believe in other gods, sadly it is True what many people don’t realise is that unless Hope is based on the Truth it is no Hope at all.

    My younger Sister and her family are believers in Buddhism my Mum is an Atheist and the rest of my family do not express any belief one way or another, on the outside all looks well but sadly it is not so …no one can see behind closed doors and only God knows a persons eternal destiny and the reality of how they really are on the inside and not what they present to others because He knows their heart. My family and many other people, put on a happy face, yes they may have fleeting happiness in material things and in relationships but in the long run it does not last as you can see from those who are addicted to all manner of things, which they use to block out their fears, pain, insecurities, emptiness etc.

    Then there is the Divorce rates, violence in the home, my first husband bashed and abused me from the first days of our marriage even when I was pregnant, I didn’t even tell my Mum, I understood that he also had been tortured as a child by his father who was an alcoholic as my birth mother was and they too had suffered and all behind closed doors. Child Paedophilia and abuse, Pornography, Suicides, Rape, Murder, Abortion, Adultery, children rebelling against Authority and Adults too which brings all manner of crime, then there are those trapped in unnatural lifestyles and living a lie, or religion based on a lie the same as New age teaching and the danger of the Occult it doesn’t end people hurting others and themselves and whether we see it or not it is no different with those who worship false gods regardless of what is presented to the world, perhaps it is even harder because their acceptance comes in presenting the lie that they are fulfilled and content but it is a mask they wear.

    Then there are those who do good works to be accepted and praised by others it gives them good feelings but they don’t last either and so on. Many also think they have got it all together careers, position, power, prestige, wealth, and of course fighting for world peace or conservation these are their gods, Technology, worldly knowledge and wisdom and its Sciences, they worship the created things and not the Creator but they are living a lie and without God when the storms of life come they will crash.

    Most people called me Happy Annie, they thought I had it all together, my mask was very convincing, yes people accepted me I made them laugh and feel good but all the time I was in pain and hurting… of course I was the life of the party and was always invited but I went home and cried I didn’t feel loved, many of our comedians past and present have walked the same road, I love to hear people laugh but now I laugh with them.

    I came to realise God offers real Hope not a Lie, He Loves each one of us deeply and does not want anyone to perish He has provided a way out for us in Jesus Christ … He grieves greatly because people continue to were a mask and live a lie instead of coming to Him and also worship pagan and heathen fleshy gods and sadly teach others to do the same .

    Christian Love from both of us Anne.


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