On this road of life we must make the best choices we can

MP900426559On the road of life we will have both good times and some not so good, it is part of life and the contrast between the two helps us appreciate the blessings we have. We may no be able to avoid all the pain, suffering and adversities of life but we can learn to get through them with the love and support of family and friends. The challenges of life are but the character building experiences we go through and hopefully overcome.  To smile while your world seems to be falling apart may be odd but between faith and the fact there are things we can not change or avoid we can either let them keep us from happiness or rise above them and smile. Acceptance of our shortcomings and inability to control every aspect of life is something we must learn to do . When you accept the fact some things are not in your control you learn to let go of all the guilt and pain related to those things.

Besides accepting those things we can not change we also need to be aware of the things we can and change them for the better. We are responsible for the things that are within our grasp to change. Our destiny is within our own hands and the choices we make daily is what guides us to our fate. Though some external force can alter your life course but you can choose to change it back as well. We can either walk a path of our own choosing or allow others to choose it for us. Either way we are solely responsible for the path we choose and all we do in life. The choice to choose or not is ours and the way we interact with others is our responsibility. In the end we all have to face the results of our choices in life, we all will be held accountable for all we do. This is why you should be sincerely remorseful for the wrongs you done and seek forgiveness and through compassion we should freely give forgiveness to others. It is the right thing to do.

On this road of life we must make the best choices we can and be compassionate along the way. We should be quick to listen to advice and open to share it as well. But remember the advice you give you are responsible for and should think twice before giving it out. Always be sure of what you say for the power of words can do much harm as it can good. The power of thought as well can do great good but is capable of great evil as well.

Be aware of your thoughts and words and the consequences they can bring.
Raymond Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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4 Responses to On this road of life we must make the best choices we can

  1. Love this post: I’m a firm fan of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the search for the best way to make choices- its process of collecting evidence to evaluate our responses to life helps choice making to be a rational, considered response.


  2. The Bible says that the tongue is like a flame of fire, and can do much harm. It also says, that any manner of beast can be tamed, but not the tongue. We should all think about the words that we speak, before we say them. We may do irreparable harm, if we do not!! It would be a wonderful thing, if we used our words to give wonderful advice. To build up and to edify, instead of tearing apart, and destroying. To give hope and love, instead of anger, and despair.


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