Though I can not go back I can go forward and live life to the fullest

005 Life is such a short journey, we seem to forget that fact for most of the way through our lives. We seem to waste so much time over petty arguments and in the pursuit of temporary happiness we get from wealth and possessions. In the end all the wealth, money, fame and power we obtain becomes dust in the wind and objects of folly. The relationships we had made throughout our lives and how we lived our life seems to be the only things that are important in the end. All those disagreements we had seem to mean nothing and all the toys we gathered no longer luster. I have noticed the older I get the more I reflect on my life and reminisce about the friends and family I was blessed to have and know in my life. Any anger or hurt I may have received from others in my past no longer has a hold on me and is forgotten. The hurt and wrongs I have done to others remain only to remind me that I am far from perfect and to remind me not to repeat the same mistakes.

rayrayd If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would try to get myself to realize that if you love yourself and have faith everything will work out. I would also teach myself to embrace the spirit of happiness and hope while rejecting the ever so present spirit of fear. Live life to the fullest and have no fear of failure because to fear failure usually leads to not trying at all. So much I probably missed out in my life because I was either afraid to try or I didn’t believe I deserved to be happy. And the final thing I would tell myself is learn to forgive yourself and learn from your past.

Well unfortunately or maybe fortunately there is no way for us to go back in time and talk to the younger versions of our selves.  So maybe someone will read this post and see the wisdom in some of its advice and avoid some of the pitfalls I befell in my lifetime. Though I can not go back I can go forward and live life to the fullest till my path in life comes to an end.

There is no better time than the present to make a change in your life.
Raymond Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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8 Responses to Though I can not go back I can go forward and live life to the fullest

  1. Emily says:

    I have been thinking a lot about happiness myself lately. According to the Dalai Lama, happiness is our main purpose in life. I agree. However, that does not mean that we should not face adversity or suffering. Problems naturally arise in life and should be expected. It’s how we deal with them that counts. I think, learning from our own mistakes is a huge part of the growth process and helps shape who we are. Happiness is possible for everyone, but it has to be a choice. If you choose to view the world with a positive attitude, if you practice compassion for others, you can cultivate an enduring happiness in your own life.


    • rbarbier1967 says:

      Adversity is a part of the learning/growing process of our charectar and without it we wouldnt have nothing to contrast the happiness we obtain. Thank you for your comment, always like Dalai Lama’s writings he is a wise man for sure.. Have a good Day


  2. Yes, my friend… are right!! Life is so short, and so much time is wasted on fear, and petty arguments. Although i have been fearful of a lot of things,…i have found that if i just keep moving forward, things seem to work out. Always saying, Please God Help Me,….has worked wonders for me!! Apart from HIM, i can doing nothing for myself!!


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  5. soumyav says:

    Thanks for visting my blog and mentioning my blog here. your post is really wonderful .indeed life is valuable and time too is and we cannot go back or have the same moment again in our life..


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