A gift, a miracle and a treasure!

I took this photo of my baby last summer when ...  As I await the birth of my second Grandchild, I think back to when my first son was born. I was not prepared to have such overwhelming feelings, for some one that I first laid eyes upon! Such love, I cannot explain with words. I was just in awe, of the baby that I held in my arms, and the realization that he was mine to take care of! God gave me such a gift! A miracle! A treasure! When my son became a Father,….I watched him experience the very same love and feelings for his daughter, as I had and have for him. I believe that God’s greatest gifts, are children. I believe that every baby is a wonderful miracle. They are the most sweet, most precious of all of God’s gifts. Just to hold a newborn baby, brings about such peaceful feelings. God gives us these precious gifts,….but we cannot forget that they are His. We are caretakers for them, and they are ours to love and cherish, and to protect, and to teach them about their heavenly Father….but they belong to God. I thank Him, for giving me the opportunity to have children to raise, and to see grandchildren. Who could want for more?

 I believe that God’s greatest gifts, are children.
Cathy Ann Adams

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3 Responses to A gift, a miracle and a treasure!

  1. mystyk163 says:

    Love it!!


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