Today,….my heart grieves.

English: Christian Bible, rosary, and crucifix.

Today,….my heart grieves. I talk to so many, who do not know the Lord. They have not had the blessing of being raised in a home with Christian parents. When i was young,…i never knew the importance of being around believers. I guess because i did have the blessing of growing up WITH believers. It never occurred to me that some of my friends, did not have this gift in their lives. When i came of age, i started to see the different effects that being raised without God, had on people i knew. Some had turned to drugs, and alcohol, or became so rebellious that they wound up in many terrible places. I thank God, for all of the Christians in my life. My Grandparents, my Mother, all of my Aunt’s and Uncles, and many friends. I am so thankful that God put all of these wonderful people, into my life. Nothing just happens. God placed these people into my life for a reason. I like to think, that maybe He did this, so that i may help someone to get to know the Lord. To experience Christ, and all the love He has to offer. I want so badly for people to know God. It grieves me when people refuse, and reject Him. Because they cannot see Him,….they find it hard to believe in Him. I have not seen Him,….but i feel Him, everyday and see His mighty work. I am in awe,….everyday of things He has made. From a tiny baby,….to a butterfly, a mountain, or a river. I wish that those that do not believe,….could open their hearts to see, and realize that these things do not just happen. They were designed by the Creator,…the Lord, God. Today,…

My prayer is that all will open their hearts, and experience the wonderful, mighty, love of God!
Cathy Ann Adams

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