because he trusted God, and had faith. The faith of a mustard seed.

An angel prevents the sacrifice of Isaac. Abra...

I was thinking about faith. I have heard people say,…I take my medications, faithfully, or …..I exercise, faithfully. Even when people sign notes sometimes, they write,…..Faithfully, yours. However,… many have no concept of what the act of faith, really is. The Bible says, that if we only have the faith of a mustard seed,….we can tell a mountain, to be moved into the sea,….and it will be done. If we only believe, and have no doubts. When i think about how tiny a mustard seed is, it amazes me that we only need to have that much faith, to have the Lord help us, and answer our prayers. A mustard seed, is so tiny, that it can barely be seen. Yet,….it is all we need to tell the mountain, to be moved into the sea! The mountain sometimes can be a sickness, or any problem. The sea,…is the sea of oblivion. So we can tell a sickness, or a problem, to be moved into the sea of oblivion. To cast it into nothingness. To make it be gone. If only we have that tiny amount of faith,….the faith of a mustard seed. It is so hard to comprehend, that such a small amount of faith, can move God‘s, hands to help. To have Him, answer a prayer. It is however, all that we need. I often think of Abraham, in the Bible. He was called the friend of God. He listened to God’s, voice, and did what God told him to do. I can imagine many times,….he wondered about God’s plans for him, and how everything would fall into place, for him. Yet, he did what God told him to do. He told Abraham, that he would have a son, in his old age, and he did! Sarah, gave birth to Isaac, at the age of ninety. She was well past child-bearing years, so that in itself, was a miracle. Abraham, was one hundred years old. Isaac’s name, means “Laughter”, because Sarah, did laugh when she was told she would conceive a son, at her age. Later on, after Isaac became a young man, the Lord tested Abraham’s faith. Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac on an altar. This grieved Abraham,…but he trusted God, obeyed, and had faith. God, stopped Abraham, from making the sacrifice, after seeing that he truly trusted in Him, and had faith. That would have been the toughest test of faith that there was. To sacrifice your own child! But Abraham, was willing, because he trusted God, and had faith. The faith of a mustard seed.

We should all, pray, and ask God, for that “seed” faith. The faith, that moves mountains!

Cathy Ann Adams

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