The past will serve as a reminder to me daily

dd43853 So many times we take our friends and family for granted, we go through days if not weeks without saying I love you or showing them any kind of appreciation. Without family and friends our lives would be empty, incomplete and we couldn’t function or survive. We should remember to take time out of our lives each day to thank them, appreciate them and tell them how important they are to us. We should also thank God for those friends and our family we have for God gave us them both.  I know I am thankful for all my friends and family I have, even those that sometimes make my life more complicated. I know I too can be a piece of work to deal with at times and pray they all will forgive me for those times I am.  To remember friends and family daily is to avoid becoming too self-centered and selfish. The needs of others and the company of others are far more important than any job or recreation in my life.

For those friends and family that I can’t see or talk to daily I send out a thank you and a I love you all through this post and in my heart. For those I have neglected and have taken for granted in the past I ask forgiveness and pray the past will serve as a reminder to me daily not to do so again.

Friends and family are great treasures God has blessed us with, we should cherish every moment we have with them each day.

Raymond Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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4 Responses to The past will serve as a reminder to me daily

  1. We love and appreciate you, too!!


  2. mystyk163 says:

    Thank you for that reminder..I try never to take either one for granted. I know all too well how quickly a loved one can be taken from our lives.

    Life is too short to focus on those who have slighted you or times when you might have felt slighted. Maybe it was intentional; maybe it wasn’t.

    Each day is a gift; each family member & friend as well (especially the ones who make life ‘interesting’!!)

    Make sure you are taking time to love yourself as well as the others. And while you’re at it, thank God for YOU too!

    Have a blessed day ❤


  3. mystyk163 says:

    Should read “never TRY to take either for granted”

    guess its still too early-my fingers aren’t working as quickly as my brain or vice versa???


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