One story that stood out in particular.

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It’s so hard to imagine a life, without the people we love in it. We all have had someone, that has been so special in our lives. Someone, who has always been there. Someone, who has loved us unconditionally, who gave us love, and support, and helped shape who we are. For me, it has always been my Mother. I was blessed with a Christian Mother, who was, and is full of faith. When i was growing up, my Mother, would read my sister, and i, Bible stories, from the Children’s Bible. She always read with expression, and feeling, so she was able to captivate us while she was reading to us. When she would finish reading, and even while she was reading, i would ask all kinds of questions. Being a child, some things were hard for me to understand. I remember one story that stood out in particular. It was the story about King Solomon, who had to decide, which of two women were telling the truth, over a living child. The story is, that there dwelled two women together, who each had a baby. During the night, one woman accidentally smothered her baby, when she rolled on top of it, in her sleep. When she awoke, she discovered what had happened, and took her dead baby, and placed it with the other woman, and took the other woman’s baby, as her own. The other woman upon arising, knew immediately what had happened. So they argued, and took the matter to King Solomon, to make a judgment, about who was telling the truth, over what had happened. The King was wise, and so he told the women that he would end the argument, by cutting the child in half, and giving each woman a half of the child. He knew that the true Mother of the child, could not bear this. Sure enough, the true Mother, was willing to give the child alive, to the other woman. So the King knew immediately then, who the true Mother was, and gave her back her child.

Being the child, i was, i think i nearly drove my Mother crazy with questions. Good thing for me, she was always so patient, and would try every way she knew how, to answer every question i had.

When i think back on those times, i feel so blessed! My Mother, has been a guiding force for me, all of my life. It is very hard for me to face losing her. She will one day soon, go to her Heavenly home. Her work on this earth, is almost finished. It is so hard to imagine my life, without her in it.


God, gives us such wonderful gifts, when He gives us special people to love, who also love us. I thank God, for the wonderful teacher, that my Mother is. God is so good!

Cathy Ann Adams

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