Change how we react to the negative

HPIM0622What do we really want out of life? Do possessions and financial security bring us happiness or peace of mind? Is happiness something one can buy or is it something we can find within for free? Do others control our happiness or our moods or do we just simply allow them to do so? Thoughts to ponder on and many answers can come out of those questions. Personally all I want out of life is to live long, be happy and to be loved by family and friends. All the possessions I have I do enjoy but do not see as true source of happiness nor does having a lot of money. Sure being financially secure does at least make it easier for someone to be happy because of less stress but it does not bring happiness on its own.  Our mood is solely under our control, how others can effect it is when we allow them to have the power to do so. We choose to let a situation or the words and actions of others to change our emotional state.

Most of us are not skilled in controlling our emotions consciously and therefore we do suffer a lot from outside influences. But once we learn to regain control of our emotions consciously then no one can directly affect how we feel. We don’t  want to suppress out emotions for doing so can cause problems both physically and mentally. We just need to change how we react to the negative situation and channel the emotions that seep through into a more positive reaction. For those of us that are overly emotional and sensitive we need to toughen up and try not to take everything so seriously.  Some emotions are good when they come bursting out , like love, compassion and joy / happiness. Anger is one we must learn to control and channel into more of a positive and/or constructive reaction. I find writing in a journal or writing a blog is quite therapeutic and gives you a positive way to release those negative emotions. Of course if you’re blogging make sure you keep it inoffensive .

The path you walk is the path you chose, The life you live is the life you have created. The path you walk can always be changed and the life you live is forever changing with each choice and thought you have.

Raymond Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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6 Responses to Change how we react to the negative

  1. Possessions, do not make us happy. They are not lasting. The only thing worth having that lasts, is LOVE!! Possessions, are here today, and gone tomorrow. The only thing we NEED, is God’s word. We HAVE to have it, to live. It comforts, and strengthens. His words, last forever!!


  2. Shelly says:

    Good post. Blogging, prayer, meditation, and practicing mindfulness are all ways in which I’m learning to live with over-the-top emotions. I try not to consider any of them negative because they just are and each one is a teacher. Emotional stability is what I’m aiming for each day.


  3. rbarbier1967 says:

    Maybe i should have said more to the point that an emotion that has a negitive effect on the one feeling it or others around them. Becuase Emotions are like a tool, how they are used is up to the one who weilds them. 🙂 Good point and thank you for your comment as always


  4. rbarbier1967 says:

    Oh, how my posts come back to haunt me sometimes, today (the next day) i woke up to find my Dentures missing off the nightstand and I am pretty sure they became a 700$ dog bone / chew toy. Havent found em as yet and now I am trying to keep the emotions I am having from having a negitive effect on me and others around me, especially that rascal of a dog i have. LOL…..

    When Life gives you lemons skip the lemonaide make ya self a Lemon meringue pie


  5. rbarbier1967 says:

    Well as proof of both the effect of emotions in a negitive sence and positive… As soon as i let go of the emotions that had a negitive effecto on me and took up a more positive outlook The dentures were found. lol…. Aint that something 🙂


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