The Acceptable Norm, Vanity and Illusions of the modern world.

CTL10029 The world we live in has its social ideals of what is normal or what is considered good. Usually the moral factor plays very little in modern society. If something is done by enough people and its talked about and seen enough it becomes acceptable. Entertainment media pushes what the ideal looking male and female on us all so much that it creates a lot of people to have a poor self-image. Not everyone is meant to be a size zero or built like a weight lifter.  We were not all born blonde and some that were, became light brown as we aged. The social idea of what beauty  is a far-fetched fantasy of what maybe only 2% of us can reach without starving ourselves to death or working out at the gym all day and every day.

fnp0502  I think that for a civilization that is still so caught up in the physical appearance of people is a civilization that is still immature. I figured by now we would grow out of the physical beauty thing and maybe reach for higher standards such as how kind or how helpful one is as a standard. Vanity seems to be a weakness humanity can not shake, it is sad we are still caught up in the illusion that what we look like is what makes us better person or not. I think we as a species are too caught up in comparing ourselves with each other and that is such a waste of time. There is always someone who is better at one thing or another than yourself and it shouldn’t matter if they are or not. You should just be yourself and be proud of who and what you are because you are what God planned you to be. We all have our unique qualities and we all have something to bring to the table in our home, community and even the world.

MP900444203 Maybe if people in this world can learn not to worry about what they don’t have or what someone else may have or not we could get beyond the illusions and lies and make a better world for all of our children and grandchildren to live in. We all are great people and each of us has something to offer our world we live in and its time we recognize that and act upon it.

Yesterday is but a memory, Tomorrow is but an illusion and today is called the present because it’s a gift from God.

Ray Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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1 Response to The Acceptable Norm, Vanity and Illusions of the modern world.

  1. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Ray, I agree 100% with you on all points, even if everyone says it is ok to do something and God tells us it’s not then it is wrong.

    True beauty is in the heart and so is strength.

    When I was leading weight control classes for many years two things I shared which were what I considered more important then loosing weight and that was acceptance of ourselves and others as people of worth and balance in everything.

    Thank you – Christian Love from both of us – Anne


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