Making The Best Of Any Situation

Jesus from the Deesis Mosaic

It is never easy on anyone, to go through a hardship. It is how you deal with hardship, that builds your character. Hardships, can teach us many things. They can teach us to have faith, and to let God help us. They can teach us that we are not as strong as we thought we were, and that we need the love of others to help us get by. They can teach us about being humble, and to have patience. Many lessons in life, are taught because of hardships. We must never look on others, and decide that they have not had any hardships, in their lives. Someone who smiles outwardly, may be crying on the inside. We never know what another persons circumstances are.

I choose to let the Lord, handle my troubles, because most of the time, they are very overwhelming to me! Because of Him,..i can smile, even when i want to cry! I have great belief, and faith, that God, can and will handle every hardship that I encounter. He is there with me, every step of the way.


He never forsakes or leaves me. This is another reason, i can hold my head up, and smile. God has seen me through so very many hardships, and i thank Him so much!!
Cathy Ann Adams

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1 Response to Making The Best Of Any Situation

  1. i agree with you when i go through on trouble i remember the story of the egg carrot and coffee
    … just when we go though one hardship we try to be like coffee it becomes tastier when it go through fire … not like carrots that become so mushy …or egg it becomes harder….

    the point is ..troubles make us change … the important test for us is to make the change for better …

    to believe when we say ..hey, great big trouble … i have a great god …


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