Each time, the answer would be no! I was committed.

When i was young,….i never gave much thought about being obligated, or committed. I was carefree, and much like a free spirit,…or at least that’s what others have told me. Even when I married at nineteen,…i am not really sure

The Unequal Marriage

I thought about the seriousness of being married. I did have the belief though, that once you were married,…you were married.

It was very rough going, the first few months of marriage. There were times that i wanted to go back home, and be carefree again, and a free spirit. I had even discussed with my parents, about returning home. My parents always let me know, that i would be welcome to come back home, but they also told me to give it a lot of thought first. So i would, and i would always decide to stay, because there was just something that would not let me give up. I could not just walk away. I was committed to my marriage!

In the years to come, there would be some rough spots. Times, when i wanted to throw in the towel, and quit. Each time, i would examine my life, and ask myself if i could really give up, and walk away. Each time, the answer would be no! I was committed.

Now, it has been nearly thirty-five years, that I have been married, and i find i am more committed than ever, to my marriage. But, it has not only been myself, that has been committed, it has also been my husband. We have worked together, side by side all of these years, to be committed to each other. It is as if we both share one heart, and one mind. We are two halves, that form one whole. It is such a gift from God, to have this kind of commitment. This kind of love! I thank God, for the wonderful gift He gave us.

My prayer is that everyone may also have the gift of love and commitment in their lives.

Cathy Ann Adams

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.
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1 Response to Each time, the answer would be no! I was committed.

  1. ellisnelson says:

    In a world that doesn’t honor much about commitment (or promises), this was refreshing!


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