Giving In Faith

Holy Spirit painting

When we give a gift, or an offering…..we should give in faith. Whatever, the gift may be…such as money, or a service of help, we should always give, with the belief, that what we give will be used as it should be. There have been times, when i have given the gift of money, in faith, only to find that the money was not used as it was supposed to be used. I try to be careful, and pray about giving to a cause, or where I feel there is a need. It really is very important, to pray over everything that you do, including giving money, or supporting a cause. It is always best to find out all that you can, before promising a gift. If it is a true cause, or need…..the Spirit of the Lord, will put it upon you to act, or to move forward faithfully, to see that the need is met.

Giving, and helping….may not always be appreciated, or may not go as we would like for it to, but if we give, out of love and faith, we will receive a blessing. God will reward our efforts if we trust, believe, and have faith.

God loves a cheerful giver, so always have gladness in your heart when you give!

Cathy Ann Adams

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.
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