From hating to loving the Lord – a story

One day, a history teacher explained to her class the atheistic and theistic evolution theory. One of her students, a boy who really did not believe on God was really annoyed on her teacher’s explanation of Theistic Evolution Theory. The boy immediately questioned her teacher on the said theory. They had a long argument over the existence of God. But in the end, the teacher won by using her power.

                       “I am the teacher here, so you must believe with what I said” the teacher strongly said with so much conviction.

The boy even with the fury on his heart had to stop from throwing arguments. Even he wanted to continue, he decided to keep quiet since her teacher was really on the verge of shouting to him.

After the end of discussion, when the teacher is on the faculty room, she realized what she had done is so wrong. She should not humiliate the boy in front of his classmates. She should not insist her beliefs on the boy, and instead respect her student on what he believes in.

The next day, the teacher is looking for that student. She wanted to apologize for what she’d done to him. Unfortunately, she has no class to that particular section of the boy. But she really wanted to apologize to that boy, so she had her effort to look for him. And luckily, she found that boy outside his classroom sitting alone.

                   “Raf, I apologize for everything that I did yesterday. I know it’s wrong to insist what I believe in and not respecting yours. I’m really sorry. I realized that God doesn’t want me to insist something on you, because He’ll make a way to let you know all the inquiries bothering on your head” his history teacher said to him.

                “It’s okay ma’am. I understand your side.” He replied.

***Two years after

The Teacher’s day came. Their English teacher asks them to write for their favorite teacher with a theme of “My teacher, My hero”.  Raf immediately thought of sending a letter to his favorite teacher, his teacher who has changed his perspective in life, his teacher who has proved the Creator’s existence. With no hesitation, he immediately chose his History teacher.

On the other hand, while regaining her composure after the class she attended, she was surprised by the paper atop on her table. She wasn’t surprise on the title of paper which says “My teacher, My hero” but she was surprised on the ones who wrote the essay. It was Raf.

                  “Thank you Ma’am, because you’re the only teacher who apologized to me. You’re the only one who understand and respect my view in life. And in the end, you’re the one who has changed my view in life. More than the lectures you have given us, thank you for saving me” the memorable line that Raf’s history teacher won’t forget.

                “I believe that once you talk to a person from the heart, it changes everything.” The History teacher said.

  • It’s true in a conversation, one must win his heart not his mind. Talk from the heart not from the mind. You will only touch a person’s lives by winning his/her heart. It’s not about the intelligence, but it’s more about of the sincerity.

God bless everyone 😀


About Amae Guerrero

Amae Guerrero is a journalist by profession and has been blogging since she was 14. Aside from her personal blog, she has other blog called which seeks to touch people through her amazing stories.
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2 Responses to From hating to loving the Lord – a story

  1. Gina says:

    Two words, “I’m Sorry” goes a long way…as long as they are said with love and sincerity. Great story!! Thank you 🙂


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