Sword in hand or Fishing for Souls?

yellingI have watched so many people being angry and hateful towards sinners, the sinner can not help whom they are for it is the sin within them that makes them do wrong. Since the garden of Eden we have been plagued with sin within our blood. Those who fall to sin are not really bad people per se they are just victims of sin.. Many of sinners are great people they just have sins that they are weak to and many are trying to battle it on their own and do not realize the only way to beat sin is through the grace and salvation of Jesus Christ. When you face sin alone you are going to fail, but if you face sin through Christ you will prevail. Faith is all that is required to defeat our sinful nature. To have anger or hate towards a sinner is a sin in its self, for Jesus taught us to be forgiving and have compassion on our brothers and sisters. Instead of condemning a sinner we are supposed to be supportive of a sinner and help him or her find the right path to salvation and / or redemption. Even the most pious of people have fallen to sin at one time or another and probably will a few more times in their life. The more faith a person has the less they are tempted and the stronger they are against the sin within themselves. We should also remember to be forgiving of our own sins for through Jesus we can forgive ourselves and others of all sins besides the one.

angel-prayers_w453_h725The goal is to rid our desire to sin, we may still stumble from time to time but we must do our best to resist the desire to be sinful. Repentance is a must in the process for if we are not genuinely sorry for our sins then we will not be forgiven. God wants to forgive us and give us salvation and that is why he sent his only begotten son to live among us, die on the cross and to be resurrected in order to give us freedom from our sins and to provide salvation. He wants us to be forgiving, compassionate, understanding and wise people not judgmental, angry and hurtful as some seem to show others they believe by their actions. What gain can you or a sinner have by being bitter, angry, hurtful or judgmental. You can not bring sinners into the grace of god or to the salvation Jesus brought us through such negative means. You can not force someone to believe or to have faith, they must choose and welcome such within their own heart and mind by their own will. Forced belief is not true belief, it is only a fake belief done out of fear of retribution.

p10056Jesus did not go around with a sword in hand forcing people to follow him, instead he used the technique of fishing for their souls and hearts. He put forth the truth and the good news of Gods love before the people and they followed by their own choice. Ignite someone’s mind or heart and they will follow you willingly and until the ends of the earth. Force them to believe or to follow and they will betray you or abandon you at the first opportunity they can. They will never truly believe or commit themselves to your teachings. So spouting out how they are evildoers or how they have no hope of salvation and they are bound for hell is not the right way to bring them into the Salvation that Christ offered all of humanity.

Offer a stranger your coat and you will warm not only their body but their heart. Offer a stranger nothing and then their body and heart will only know the coldness of the world.

Ray Barbier

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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17 Responses to Sword in hand or Fishing for Souls?

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Congrats my friend, you have been nominated for three awards! You can pick them up here: http://loopyloo305.com/2012/08/05/amazing-awards/


  2. Tafacory says:

    There are just a few questions/comments I have for you.

    “Since the garden of Eden we have been plagued with sin within our blood.” -How did sin taint our blood? How was eating an apple the cause of “evil” or “wicked” blood within humanity? Can you give me scientific evidence of any other instances in which eating food has led to such catastrophic consequences?

    “Faith is all that is required to defeat our sinful nature.” – If faith is all that is required, then why do Christians continue to say that they are sinners? Why don’t they accept that they have defeated sin? Furthermore, if faith is all that is required to defeat sin, why do Christians continue to sin?

    “You can not force someone to believe or to have faith, they must choose and welcome such within their own heart and mind by their own will. Forced belief is not true belief, it is only a fake belief done out of fear of retribution.” – Is this not what God is doing? If there is a Hell, and God allows people to go there who do not believe, is this not the same thing as forcing belief? Wouldn’t it make more sense if God simply did not care what happened to those who chose not to worship Him rather than to punish them eternally (something that seems to contradict God’s goodness and justice)?

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on these questions. All the best.


    • Ray Barbier says:

      Will Reply soon, you have asked quite a few good questions and will take some time to come up with a decent reply. Might even write a post on it as well… Thank you for your comment and your questions. I hope I can come up with a satisfactory reply.

      Ray Barbier
      Transient Reflections.


      • Tafacory says:


        Looking forward to it. Take your time. Appreciate your willingness to reply.

        All the best.


      • Ray Barbier says:

        ok, here is some of the reply… Well the bible didnt say an apple just a fruit. It wasnt the fruit that put a sinful nature within man. It was Adams Defiance, disobediance to god that caused us to have a sinfull nature. Far as Sin in our blood, it is metaphoricaly used meaning in our nature and or bloodline, the sin is a permanent part of our gentic makeup. Before Adam sinned / disobeyed God he was innocent and didnt know right or wrong according to the bible. The only reference to the fruit changing mankind is that it was the tree of knowladge and eating the apple somehow gave humanity the ability to percieve right and wrong etc… Now if a fruit or food could do this it is possible it was caused by a Virus that could alter our DNA, or God could have opened up the pathways in our brain after we bit the fruit, Being i am neither God nor a Scientists I can not give you the actual reasons or facts on the tree of knowlage.. Our innocence was lost after the fruit was eaten. Adam Chose the path of sin over the path of obedience. God only gave him one rule not to break and adam failed to obey it.

        Sorry if its a little jumbled i am still waking up.

        Far as conquering sin, we can not conquer it, but Jesus had defeated it for us on the cross. Far as Christians still calling themselves sinner those that do forget the price for our sins has been paid and that we are not Sinners anymore we are Redeemed ./ saved children of God. Yes christian do commit sins from time to time because we are sonly human, but through faith we can keep the amount we sin to a minimum and through repentance we can find forgiveness and relief from the sin we commited through Christ.

        Far as God forcing us to believe, he does not. he gives us a choice to believe and be saved or face the second death, If God wanted to force us to believe he would just make us mindless drones and take away our free will and replace it with only his. T

        Though i know my answers are probably not sufficiant to satisfy you, but being i am but a Average man and not a theologian nor Scientist this is all i can offer. I do know a few good preachers if you need more of a detailed and verse supported answer.

        I appreciate your comment and hope i helped. God bless and Good Day.


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  4. Tafacory says:

    Ray, I appreciate you taking the time to answer some of my questions. I realize these are difficult questions for anyone to answer and so I don’t fault you for not knowing them. I myself do not know them and so I ask.

    Now, if I understand you correctly, the apple could have had some kind of virus or detrimental material within it that permanently and irrevocably alter our DNA for the worse, resulting in our fallen nature? Furthermore, it also had the ability to bestow upon us knowledge of moral right and moral wrong?

    So you say that through faith we can keep our amount of sin to a minimum. Yet sin is an attitude, a mental exercise, not an action. One does not keep faith as one holds one’s breath under water. So if my mentality is correct, my sin will lessen. But what about my actions? What if I have strong faith but act immorally? Does my faith negate the sins of my actions?

    Thanks for your time.


    • Ray Barbier says:

      Thought and Action are the same. For action comes from ones thought. so what is good for thought is good for action since they are the same.


    • Ray Barbier says:

      Thought and Action are the same. For action comes from ones thought. so what is good for thought is good for action since they are the same. If the sin is against another person you should try to seek forgiveness from that person and then seek forgiveness from God. Repentance and Forgiveness are 2 keys we must remember. We also should forgive those who sin against us as well. I find it easy to forgive others but hard to forgive myself.

      Hope that helped


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