Trying to please everyone,try to please God.

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

Trying to please everyone is certainly not an easy task.  We have all tried to do this, at some time or another.  We must try to please God.  If we are pleasing to Him, we usually can get along with most folks.  It still does not mean, that we will always get along with everyone, though.  I try very hard to please people, as much as i can without compromising my beliefs.  We must never agree with wrong doing, or people who practice wrong doing.  God’s standards, do not change.  He has always been the same.  His word cannot be changed to suit our lifestyle, or what we THINK is right, or okay.  What He says,….He means.  Also,…to be friends with this world is to have enmity with God.  I want to try to please God.

Lately,…i have made acquaintances with unbelievers.  As people, i like them very much.  I am always able to find good qualities in people.  It grieves my heart very much though, that they do not believe in the one, true God.  The only God.  The God, who created heaven and earth.  The God that created every living being and plants and animals.  The God who created planets, and stars. The God, who is our creator.  I am able to get along fine with most of them.  We find common ground.  Some have asked for a promise, that i will not discuss my God.  However,….i cannot go one day without giving thanks to God, or praising His name for all His goodness and miracles.  So, i cannot make any such promise to them, about discussing Him.  I will praise Him, at any given time.
My most sincere prayer for the unbeliever,….is to know God.  To have an experience in Christ.  When they do, they will feel an overwhelming love such as they have never known before.  They will feel a lightness in their soul.  They will no longer need to depend upon drugs, to help them get through the day.  They will not have anymore anger in their hearts.  They will have a fresh and new beginning.  The very air that they breathe, will smell differently.  They will truly love, and care for others.
So no,…i will never stop talking about the wonder of God.  I want everyone to know Him, and His wonderful peace, and love!
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