Don’t hold grudges – a story

The young lady is preparing for school. She had little minutes to prepare, since thirty minutes before it tickto 7:30 am – She’s going to be late. Her mother keeps on asking her random questions, but because she was running late, she didn’t have the chance to answer it all.

And that all were it stated.

Her older brother saw how his sister acted on their mother. Thus, it created an argument between them.
The young lady forgot to answer all the questions that her mom asked her. When her older brother saw this incident, he immediately got furious and reprimanded his little sister. He started to say something hurtful to his little sister.

Because of that, his older brother restricted her to use the laptop. The young lady felt upset, since she needed to bring the laptop for some of her school’s tasks. But then, the young lady just ignored what his older brother told her.

When she returned to their house, her mother warned her that her older brother was so heated to her. It is because that she didn’t listen to her older brother’s word of warning.

And when her older brother finally got home, he immediately confronted his sister.

“You’re so hard-headed! I told you not to bring my laptop. From now on, you can no longer use my laptop”, he furiously said.

The young lady didn’t know what to do. She’s still using the laptop for her assignments and projects. She just didn’t bother what her older brother is saying. But in surprise, her older brother immediately pressed the power button in the laptop, resulting to immediate shut down.

The young lady can’t do anything, but just cry. She hasn’t saved all the works she had done on the laptop, so she will just do it again.

And that young lady is me.

Of course that time I was really disappointed with what had happened. I cried so hard. But God just love me that he taught me to let go negative/bad emotions.
It’s always okay to feel angry, frustrated, disappointed, disheartened, or whatever negative emotions that you’ve been feeling. But God always remind us to let go that feeling. It’s okay to feel that experience, but when its time to let go, you have to let it go. Because if you didn’t let it go, that negative emotions will imprison you.

Likewise, through this incident, God has reminded me not to hold grudges. If I allow my negative emotions ate my entire system, of course, I’ll hold a lot of grudges. But thank you Lord for helping me to resist it!

           For this very reason, make every effort to add to you faith, goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness; love. For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in you knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ – 2 Peter 1:5-8

(Right now while I’m typing this, I’m already okay and happy. Back to the normal amae who is so jolly and lovely. Imagine it just happened right away before I type this blog. Just my eyes were really swollen, because of my continuous crying. )

God bless everyone!


About Amae Guerrero

Amae Guerrero is a journalist by profession and has been blogging since she was 14. Aside from her personal blog, she has other blog called which seeks to touch people through her amazing stories.
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4 Responses to Don’t hold grudges – a story

  1. Ray Barbier says:

    All i can do is smile at his one, good job.. 😀


  2. Brad Stanton says:

    Hi I am following your blog, and just now I put your blog on my list of blogs that I follow on my front page (right hand column, towards the bottom).That helps u get more visitors to your blog in at least a couple of ways. Would you consider doing the same for me? Thanks. Mine is a Christian blog, too. Or if you can just post my site in one or your posts it would help a lot, or maybe even leaving this comment will help. 🙂
    Come and visit mine sometime Have a great week, love your photo’s.


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