Counting Our Blessings

National Day of Prayer

So many times,….we do not count our blessings. We forget to thank the Lord, for all He has done for us. I have been very guilty of that, as of late. Every morning when I wake up, i would say, Thank you Lord, for my life, and giving me another day to spend here with my loved ones. Here lately,…it is much later in the day that I have thanked Him. Life get’s so busy, trying to keep up with our spouses, our children, grandchildren, and our jobs. I do not work outside of my home, but i am a tole painter, and i paint to make extra money at times. I have recently begun to watch my baby grandson, for 3 days a week, also, which keeps me very busy. It seems i am moving in reverse, instead of forward, because things become so hectic.

All of these things, are no excuse for not making time for the Lord. He always makes time for me. He never says to me,…I will be with you after i clean the house, or wait until my projects are finished. When I come to Him in prayer, or when i need Him most,…He is always there for me. Never forsaking, or leaving me. I feel ashamed of myself, for not taking the time to give thanks like i should. Or reading His word, like I should. I throw a quick prayer, or praise in there, but NOT, like I should be praying and giving Him thanks, for all the wonderful miracles, and gifts, that He has given me. All of the guidance, and protection that He gives me, from the harms that are unseen from my eyes, or my understanding. Left to deal with by myself, would be terribly overwhelming for me. He is there for me. Like a rock! He is solid, and constant. He gives His all for me.

I am also thankful for each new day He gives me, so that i have another day to try to get it right. I must draw nigh unto God, so that He will draw nigh unto me. I must make time for the Lord, like He makes time for me. He has given me precious life. I want to spend my life, serving God, and trying to be pleasing to Him.

He is deserving of our time, and worthy of all praise!

Cathy Adams

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.
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