Embrace the Challenge and Throw the Pressure!


So here I am, after a quite long hiatus. I’ve been very busy this past few days, due to mountainous school work with crazy deadline that I need to kill. So, I’m just sharing a little realization that I have gotten from my tasks.

Embrace the challenge and throw the pressure! – just to sum it up. Usually, when tasks are needed to be done with their deadline to kill, most of us experienced the fear, pressure, worry, and anxiety thinking if we could possibly do the impossible. Or at least do the tasks which require an ample time to finish.

But have you finished doing a task without even trying? Certainly not! That’s really the problem of some, they think that the task is too impossible for him/her to finish even without trying. Like a cliché says, there’s really no harm in trying.

Like for me, pressure usually eats my system which resulted to not finishing any. I’m a journalism student, so I need to meet certain deadline for my articles. Sometimes it just requires a day or even an hour to pass it. It came to the point that I cried, because I only have a little less than half an hour to finish some of my articles. Nonetheless, I have overcome it.

However, it was on the middle of the night – I have the drive and urge to write a story and article – that I finally realized that you don’t have to let the pressure and worry ate your system just to finish your task. You just have to LOVE what you are doing. You just have to plaster some smile on your face to get going. And you just have to have faith in yourself.

In that night, I did two comprehensive articles just for 3 hours – hardly believing that I did it. It was a fulfilment. It’s just a simple attestation that when you’re free of tension and pressure, you can do all things.

All Glory to God! I still have lots of things to do, but with God in my system, I can do all things. Once again, embrace the challenge and throw the pressure!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! God bless everyone J


About Amae Guerrero

Amae Guerrero is a journalist by profession and has been blogging since she was 14. Aside from her personal blog, she has other blog called heramazingstory.com which seeks to touch people through her amazing stories.
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