A better attitude towards life

013Why is it we tend to get more nostalgic as we age? Are we simply trying to relive our lost youth, or is it we think the times were better back in our youth? The thing is times seemed better back in our youth because we had a better attitude towards life and we didn’t allow stress to be our master as much as we do now. Of course things were less expensive when we were younger and maybe the economy was stronger, but those things are not what made the past seem to be so good. Some of it was we had all of our family alive or at least most of it and we had friends who we hung out with just to hang. We walked more than drove, we found happiness in simpler things and didn’t have as much problem prioritizing our time. We took things as they were and we didn’t worry as much about bills and where our next meal was coming from. We lived in the now and not in the past for we had little past to live in back then. We worried very little about the future for we had the feeling life was forever and we had time to do things later. Now we rush like we have only a day or week left of life, we worry and stress over things that we can not control. We forget life is for living, laughing and loving one another. We get too caught up in work, our goals and how we can’t control everything.

We seem to worry more about the expectations of others than the welfare of those we love. We need to return to just living in the now and not in the past, we need not worry about the future it will come when it is time. To plan for the future is good but to worry over it is not. Instead of longing for years gone by we should be living in the day we are in and try to make it the best day we can. Worry and stress are the biggest killers out there today, they cause everything from high blood pressure, heart failure to many other diseases. Let go of the stress and worry, give them to God and learn to  have faith in him. By letting go of the worry/stress and embracing faith we find hope and are released from the physical stress created by the worry.


When we were younger we were more carefree and rarely suffered with stress or worry. Now we are older we long for better times gone by, we just need to return to being more carefree.

Ray Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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