Rare Friends

English: me and my friend

I am so very glad, and thankful, that i have had people who love me, and who have stood by me.   It may not sound like much,…but it is very important to me.  People that have believed in me enough, to have urged me on to try things that they thought i would be good at.  People who could see things in me, that i could never see in myself.  I have many such people in my life. My husband being the very most one.  Also my family, and some that are friends.  The very reason i am writing this to blog now, is because of such a good friend.  He believed i could write about heartfelt things.  He urged me on to try it.  I was so very afraid!  I have very much confidence for others, but not so much for myself.  With his urging,…i did try.  He also urges others to try, and they too, are beginning to write.  I will never be a great writer, and i fear that i ramble quite a bit, but because of a friend’s belief in me,….i try!

It is a wonderful thing, a miracle really, to have a friend believe in you enough, to urge you on, or spur you on, as in my case.  Spur, is probably more accurate for me, since i am as stubborn as a mule, sometimes!!  My friend, would also agree that it is true!!  Yet,…he accepts me as i am, with all of my faults, and still urges me to try to do things.  Sometimes i try, just so that i do not let him down.  When someone is a true friend,…they want to see you succeed.  They want happiness for you, and all good things.  This is the type of friend that he is.  Such a rare gift from God!  Your family, will usually love, and stand by you, and want to see you succeed,…but it is a rare gift from God, to have a friend treat you, as if you were their own blood relation.  This is the type of friend that he is.  I am truly blessed!!  I also want my friend, to have all the happiness, and good things, that i feel he deserves, for what he gives to so many others.  When my friend reads this,…he will know who i am talking about.  I also want to say to my friend,…Thank you for all that you do for me, and others….and that i love you very much, and i thank God that you are my friend!!

Cathy Adams

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