Watch your Emotions

Emotions lie (this topic came from the preaching of Pastor Rich Witmer of Destiny Church)

Sometimes we’re oblivious that our emotions overpowered our life. At first we thought following what our emotion dictates us is correct, but in the end, we’ll recognize how everything was just a mere trap of the enemy. We have to bear in mind that as our emotions overpower our life, the enemy will use it against us to destroy our lives.  It will ruin our decisions and actions until we become nothing.

So we have to stop listening to our emotions, because at the first place, emotions lie! We have to start living with words not with our emotions. We have to follow the Words of the Lord not with our own emotions. We have to stand firm and obey his words, because we have to let God control our lives.

I am blessed that the Lord taught me to control my emotions and to not listen to it. So let me tell you a story of me. Recently, someone told me that he likes me. That he started liking me as our first semester started, but it just took him so long to reveal it. I was then shocked the moment I heard it, I wasn’t used to that kind of situation. I am a very joyful young lady with no plans of giving my heart right now. I’m just embracing my season right now which is the season of learning.

It took me quite some time to finally explain my stand on this kind of “untimely thing.” For me this kind of emotion is untimely. It’s not for me yet. I’d rather not try it than let my heart be wounded for my wrong decisions. Likewise, I greatly believe that the best is yet to come for me.

With that, I am blissful that I stand on what I believe in. The culture is different from how I think. But with this decision, I know God is happy that I let Him overpower my life. I know He will never leave me nor forsake me, so I never regret of standing on my belief.

I know the best person will come for me at the right time. Through Jesus I learned to wait. I learned to value each season of my life. I learned to reject what my emotions dictate me. And most especially, I learned to listen only to him.

Just remember that emotions lie! Never create a decision when you’re angry. Never talk to someone when you’re mad at her/him. Never let your pride be the root to not forgive your neighbour. Never ever let your emotions rule your life. Learn to let go your emotions and learn to throw your negative emotions. Just always bear in mind that emotions lie! God bless everyone 😀

(I really missed blogging here. Our first semester in college has already ended, so I finally have my time to blog. I missed you all my readers. I hope you still remember me, amae here 😀 check my personal blog Thank you!)

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Amae Guerrero is a journalist by profession and has been blogging since she was 14. Aside from her personal blog, she has other blog called which seeks to touch people through her amazing stories.
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  1. Ray Barbier says:

    Excellent Post and Topic, Welcome back my friend!


  2. It’s really Excellent & Fantastic Post.


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