Life Is So Wonderful!!

flower01I am sitting here writing this, in the early morning,….and should have been asleep hours ago!  But i cannot help but think, how very precious and wonderful life is!  I am just so thankful to be alive today, and everyday! I know that a lot of bad things, can and do happen, in this life.  If it were too comfortable here, then we would not want to go to Heaven!  This is just a passing through place, until we get to our REAL, permanent home.  Until the time that the Lord, calls us home,…we can make the very best of life, right here.  It starts with having a positive attitude, and a will to find happiness, in the simplest of things.  If we just look at the wonderful things that God, has made, in His nature,…we can see how really beautiful that this world is!  Also, with all of the loving, and kind people, that He puts in out lives.  My grand baby’s smile, makes me so very happy!  Or even our many critters, that we have.  Just watching them, brings me such joy!  All of these things, i count as blessings!

It does not take much to bring about happiness.  Just look around, my friends!  Each and every new day, brings about such wonderful blessings!  Another day to enjoy God’s wonders, and all of His love!  Have a wonderful day!

Cathy Ann Adams

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

Life Is So Wonderful!! was originally published on RJBNet

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