Rich or poor, strong or weak

p10056Success, what is true success? Is the person who has all the money and possessions they could want successful or is it the person who has what he needs, a family whom they love and happiness from that love? Me personally, I would choose being happy and surrounded by love than all the riches or power of this world. I guess it boils down to ones point of view and perspective on life. To me being rich only opens one up to be a target for trouble and removes one from the reality of being human. One becomes so distracted and overwhelmed by greed and lust for power that they lose their sense of humanity and fairness. They can become self-absorbed, selfish and that leads to elitism which only creates the illusion we are of different classes and statures.

This is not to say their isn’t any financially wealthy people out there that are good-hearted or compassionate, it just is to say when money becomes more important than the lives of others then what humanity one has becomes diminished.  Individuality is not the division of the whole, it is the recognition of the differences within the parts that make the whole what it is. We must not forget we are a part of the whole of humanity.  Rich or poor, strong or weak, we are all a part of this great race we call humanity and we should take care of the needs of our fellow humans.

Rich or poor, strong or weak was originally published on RJBNet


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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2 Responses to Rich or poor, strong or weak

  1. We are a world of social classes. There are few who really care about anyone outside of their social class. The very wealthy who run this country don’t really care for people who don’t contribute to their wealth. They try to keep the working class just happy enough so they don’t revolt. As far as the poor, elderly, disabled, mentally ill, unemployed, and homeless; they don’t care about them. I am quite sure that if the rid society of those people, they would.


    • Ray Barbier says:

      Well doubt the rich would get rid of the source of their riches, its the poor and working class that makes the rich wealthy. and you can not judge all wealthy as the same, but there is a great many of them out there that are like you describe unfortunately.


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