Looking Back–5/25/2013

026Looking back on my life, I see many things I wish I hadn’t done and some bad habits I wish I hadn’t started. The main things I regret is are those that caused pain or unhappiness to others, even though the majority of those times I hurt others were unintentional , there were a few I did with the intent to cause harm. I regret them all, even my worst enemy is my friend in my heart and even though I have forgiven myself and be forgiven by grace I still feel the need to express my sorrow for my hurtful deeds of the past. I was hurt far more times than I have caused hurt in my youth and to those who hurt me I send forgiveness and my best wishes.  Besides bad habits and poor choices in my past there are things I either chose not to do or never had the opportunity to do that still wears upon my mind. Mainly never having children of my own and my stupid mistake of leaving high school before I graduated.

Looking back on my life  I see the many good things I did and the joy I had found with the few friends I had been blessed with. The good times we had and the times when we were sad. It all added up to help make me the person I am today. All the right or wrong choices, the good and bad I had done to me and the good and bad I had  done to others.

Live and learn they say and I did just that. I have come away from my youth knowing a lot about myself and others, I have learned what is not important and I still am learning about those things that are truly important.  I pray I shall have many years to live in order to learn, love and experience those things I haven’t yet experienced.

The past is to be learned by not lived in, the present is the moment we need to focus on and the future is but the result of both our past and present.

Ray Barbier

Looking Back–5/25/2013 was originally published on RJBNet


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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3 Responses to Looking Back–5/25/2013

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Each thread of the past is part of the fabric of who we are, if we wear that fabric out with stress about what was, the whole thing may unravel. Add extra treads to the good and reinforce the problem areas with threads of hope and faith. It leads to a perfect framework with God. God bless you and don’t waste too much time on regrets, instead glory in the good!


  2. amaeguerrero says:

    Like what the Lord said, “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past” 🙂


  3. We learn by experience which are sometimes good and sometimes bad. I look back through my past life only to draw some lessons and promise myself not to repeat the same. No one can change the past, so I don’t repent over what happened. It is painful to me if even by mistake I caused any harm to any body. We are not super-super-human beings that we have never commited any thing wrong to anybody. I repent that and i fail to forgive myself even today. Like I unfairly treated someone and hurt him/her. It’s always more painful to me than him or her. I feel guilty whenever I see that person. As for your question , like everyone else, I too look back to reassess myself. Other people’s behaviour is not in my hands. What’s in your mind is romantic relationship, well, that’s part of life.U should forget any bitter experience because that’s part of any relationship. U don’t always remain the same and same applies to others. We enter in a relationship because we like each other. We get out of it because we no longer like each other. But once u r married it is no longer a small issue. Also if u r not married but have children, it’s no longer a small matter. It’s here only I’d say, oh it shouldn’t have happened. as here my entire life is affected. If my children’s life is affected. damage is too big and wide spread.


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