Just some thoughts that hit me in a dream

IMG_1342Embrace who you are, be that special person God has made you to be. All of your life experiences be they good or bad helped make you into the person you are today and God has been nudging you in the right directions since birth. Some may had to be born poor, others had to be born into wealth, some had to be male others female. it’s all a part of the grand design god has laid out. God has set out a plan for each of us, a path that he made just for us. And with each turn he changes the path in order to lead you back to him from whatever place you have wandered into. God doesn’t want to condemn anyone nor does he want us to fail, he wants all of us to come home to him in the end. No matter what choices you make or had made he always leaves a way out if you are willing to choose it. He keeps his hand extended in hopes you will reach out and grab it.

Embrace the being he has led you to become, do not let the opinions of others sway you from the happiness God wants us all to have. There is no such thing as someone who is greater or better than another, all of us are sinners and fall short of the Glory of God. We are all beautiful and wonderful in the eyes of God, even with our sins and shortcomings. The Grace we received through Christ and through the love of God is what makes it so.

We are not here to condemn one another, we are here to not only save ourselves but lead our brothers and sisters into salvation . Hate is not of God or of his plan for us, Love and forgiveness is that which we must embrace and live by.

Raymond Barbier

Just some thoughts that hit me in a dream was originally published on RJBNet

Just some thoughts that hit me in a dream was originally published on In The Rift


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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