Have love and compassion for those in need

EarthBeing humans we tend to forget how short and temporary life is. We live each day as if we have forever which makes us forget how precious life and the people we love are. We allow petty differences, arguments and selfishness to get in the way of the joy and happiness we can have and deserve. Stop worrying over your past mistakes, as long as you learned from them then forgive and forget. The same goes for the mistakes of others, you never know how important other people are until they are gone.

Live for the moment, seize the day but remember to do it in a way you don’t leave those you love out of it. Enjoy the smallest and the simplest things in life along with those not so small or simple. Let go of the conditioning you have received through this world and embrace who you truly are within. Enjoy each minute of life and each second of time you have with those you care for since life is quite short and fleeting. Have love and compassion towards others and make a positive impact on your household , community and if possible the world. With the technology, sciences and ability to transport large quantities of food it is amazing we still have people starving in our world and lifetime. So many countries have wasted surpluses of food that could go to feed the hungry, so much building material available to help improve the lives of the homeless and hopeless.

Have love and compassion for those in need, use what influence you have to help eradicate poverty and starvation. Maybe if all our governments would get over their petty political differences and could focus on the welfare of humanity in a whole they could put an end to the imbalance of food distribution across our planet. Maybe if they would start pouring money into building homes, bringing the poverty-stricken areas into the age of modern farming techniques and equipment they could help end hunger.

For life is precious regardless of its origin and no human being should suffer from lack of food, medicine or adequate housing. Just as no creäture should be hunted into extinction. The shame is those few in power allow such things such as greed, lust of power and political differences to stand in the way of doing what is right. And even when they try to do something good they can not get beyond their political differences long enough to either agree or to make an honest effort.

So its best not to look towards the government nor to the wealthy to make the changes necessary or to really make any effort. It is the common people, working class and below that will have to make the differences and will need to push those in power to follow suit through example and through peaceful means. It is us that have the desire to change the world for the better and not for the better profit margin or political position. .

Life may be short and we may not always have the power to make change alone, but together our many voices crying out and our actions can make a positive change.

Ray Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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