Random Thoughts on Stereotypes and Relationships.

005The stereotypes society has created for male and female serve a purpose but in the end cause more conflicts within relationships and create so misconceptions bout both sexes. Not all of us fit into what the norm sees as perfect men or women. Humans are diverse and people are not always going to go by the textbook when it comes to their personalities and traits. We come in all shapes, colors and flavors so to speak, the different life experiences we each have helps mold us into the person we are today and what we may become later in life.

So many relationships go bad because of preconceived ideals of what one mate or the other is supposed to be like. We all have this illusive image of what a perfect mate and relationship is supposed to be like and it tends to become as a monkey wrench in the works of love.  Luckily most of the time our mate has some of the traits we wanted in a partner or we wouldn’t have found them attractive, but we must learn to accept the traits within them that we don’t enjoy as much as long as they are not unacceptable ones like  infidelity and abuse. We should forgive our partner for their mistakes, but we are not supposed to allow them to repeatedly hurt us with such actions.

We must throw away our perfect mate ideals and mentality because a mate is only as perfect as you wish to see them as. Love them for the things within them that brings you happiness and try to forgive and tolerate the things that don’t really thrill you about them. Just remember there are many things about yourself that your mate must love and tolerate as well.  Usually in time both mates change and learn to find the common ground between them and work together in harmony if they accept each other as is and not try to mold one another into people that they are not meant to be..

Love relationships are a lot like friendships, you learn to love your true friends for who and what they are for good or ill and they learn to love you in the same way.. So in love it’s the same thing just you have a lot more complications such as living with each other all the time and the physical aspects of such relationships.  But for a love relationship to last there has to be a friendship within it as well, without the friendship all is there is lust or physical attraction and that never lasts for long. So try to get to know your mate and keep the friendship alive within the relationship.

Ray Barbier.



About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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