I am but a traveller , a man on a journey on the path of life

018I am but a traveller , a man on a journey on the path of life. I have been many places I wish I could had avoided and a few I was glad to had visited. I had spent many years just wandering in search of who and what I am. Many have travelled beside me through out the years but mainly I have walked alone. This journey I am on is both one that is in the world around me and that world that exists within me. The sensations of the five senses along with the minds interpretation of the world around me can be both inspiring and distracting to my progress along the path of life.

Many things I have learned during my journey, such things as the difference between selfish lust and the benevolent and unselfish  nature of love. How the focus on the separation of ones self is what sows the seeds of greed,lust,hate and the illusion of elitism. Though we do walk separate and think independently of each other we are a part of a larger organism or life force. Some call this other life-force God, though there is many names for it throughout history. According to most religions our life force the soul or spirit comes from God, by Christian belief God breathed the breath of life into us and made us in his image. Life came from one source and in the end it shall return to that force in one way or another.

Science states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so does this mean the chemical energy within our body and brain continue on in one form or another? Well yes, can we say that our consciousness continues on afterwards? By the current science we have it is not possible to answer that question with a definite and absolute answer.  Science and spirituality and/or religion probably will always be at odds since on deals in the physical universe and the other in the unseen and non physical.  Though science has at least brought us to the understanding that if God is of energy then he was not created not can he be destroyed. Of course this is conjecture since we really only can guess about things when it comes to God.

I continue on my path of life as a humble traveller who seeks to know himself better and the world both around him and within his conscious self. I do not claim to be right in my thoughts, beliefs and assumptions nor do I claim to be wise in any fashion. I only claim that I am walking this path to learn as well as share this experience we call life.


Ray Barbier


About Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.
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