SW City’s Realistic Building Checklist


  • Setting and infrastructure
    • Environment
    • Road and sidewalk connection
    • Parking situation
    • Utility support
    • Property dividers
  • Exterior
    • FoundationUnless you’re building on top of a paved lot, it’s recommended to build a foundation. Raise the floors one or two clicks, and connect it to the ground with a good concrete or brick texture.
    • Drain PipesUse the thdp1.rwx – 3.rwx objects if you don’t want to create your own.
    • VentsVents are the perfect way to fill in some empty space on an outside wall.
    • TrimmingPlace trims along the edges and in-between different entities on a build to add a more authentic look.
    • CrowningBe sure your roof has some overhang.
    • Roof detailingAdd various utilities to the top of your builds, such as vents and pipes, HVAC units, and communication equipment.
    • Utility boxesPlace electric boxes and other service outlets on the sides or back of your building.
    • Emergency escapesEmergency exits and side doors…
    • LightingWall or pole mounted outdoor lighting.
    • FramingsAdd proper frames around your doors and windows.
    • Service areaGarage doors in the back, dumpsters, etc.
  • Interior
    • Support beams
    • Lighting
    • Vents or Ducts

SW City’s Realistic Building Checklist was originally published on Active Worlds Tips and Tricks


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