Phase One of Sekrit Projekt: Supercharger – Happy Valley

Phase One of Sekrit Projekt: Supercharger has been completed.

This is a set of 18 prebuilt houses in four orientations, that are all variations of the Victorian house style, saved to AWGs.

To use them, uncompress the zip file to your Active Worlds preset folder.

All houses are set with an offset from the anchor object of 25 meters to the front door, thus house001_n will appear with the front door 25 meters North of the anchor object, with the base of the foundation at the same level as the anchor. It is recommended that the anchor object be placed at co-ordinates ending in 0.00 North and South, and at the height that you want the base of the foundation to be.

All the objects take the “create picture” command to allow for custom textures from anywhere on the internet, and are placed in such a way that there are 6 cells in the interior with anywhere from 20% to 40% cell space remaining to allow you to customize the interior.

Note that the cells immediately to the North and West of each house are empty. Recommended that you use these cells to “fly in” interior walls using the move ….time=0 wait=9e9 command.

It is hoped that new builders can have a village within an hour or two, and experienced builders will use them as a starting point, or placeholder to save hours of repetitive building.

Supercharge your town building today !

Jim Lewis AKA TenYearsGone

Download Now (click supercharger_p1 below)


Phase One of Sekrit Projekt: Supercharger – Happy Valley was originally published on Active Worlds Tips and Tricks


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