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Insignia NS-BRDVD4 1080p HD Blu-Ray

Well Added another gadget to my man cave / computer room. After getting the Sansui 19 inch hdtv I purchased the Insignia NS-BRDVD4 1080p HD Blu-Ray Player w/ Networking for Netflix/Cinema Now/Pandora. It was under 60 us dollars due to … Continue reading

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The new TV, Internet Television

Digital Media is becoming the norm now days, with mp3/mp4 players and hdmi HD video streaming available from the net to your TV there is very little left to explore. There is of course shoutcast a long living internet radio … Continue reading

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Space 1999

  Been Many of years since I have seen the Sci-Fi Series of Space 1999, Though it has that 1970’s Campy feel to it considering the special effects technology of the day and the limit of plausible scientific theories used … Continue reading

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WB Triple Feature

  Was bored this week and bought a triple feature DVD from Big Lots that contained 3 older and not so popular films from Warner Brothers. The Triple Feature contained the movies Singles, Home Fries and Mickey Blue Eyes. All … Continue reading

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Once again I am writing a post about The best place I’ve found on the web to get free mp3’s.Of course the artists on this site are majorly unknown , But due to the fact they are not bound … Continue reading

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Stargate SG-1

Farewell to yet another Sci-Fi Channel show. Seems every time they get a real good show they cancel it. Though I will give them credit for keeping Stargate SG1 on so long. Stargate Atlantis is a good show but until … Continue reading

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