Thoughts of the day 11-2-2015

chp_thinker.jpg To conform and fit in or to be original and be a trend setter? To be yourself or to be that which others want you to be? Good questions that we all face many times throughout our lives. Problem with total conformity is you lose a part of your personality and self in the process. To be bold and original comes at some risk as well, but at least you will be true to yourself. I guess it all boils down to if you want to lead or if you rather be follower, There is need for both types in our world. Even a follower type can be original and maintain their self-identity during the following process.

Be a dreamer, an architect of your life and your environment, don’t  let your environment be the architect of your life. Free will is the key and choosing not to be a victim of  circumstance is how you gain control of your life.



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Mind Exposure Network is Here

I recently created a word press blog located at, this will a multi author blog.This means it will be open to any blog author to join and contribute to it.

The sole mission of this newly created blog is to provide informative, creative , inspirational and positive content for the readers to benefit from. We believe wisdom comes from all types of people in the world, not one region, religion or philosophy has all the answers nor all the wisdom. So if interested in joining this project just stop by , sign up and give me a shout via a comment on this post or on one of the posts at

Well I hope to see some of those awesome bloggers from word press signing up to expose the minds of those wonderful readers we all love.


Blessings and Happiness to you all

Ray Barbier

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Just a message of appreciation

Halloween is just around the bend and all the Ghouls in Active Worlds are coming out to play and build. In alpha there is a massive Halloween build area going on and the TGIF party is still on the move. Each Friday the TGIF party is being hosted in different locations and worlds.  I want to show my appreciation as a fellow builder to those who are diligently increasing the amount of builds within active worlds alone.   Citizens such as TenyearsGone for his work in Happy Valley, Sir Greendown  for his hard work in AWTeen world, Kuma Bear for both Bleakwood and Ursine cities and The courier with his build team in alpha. So many names to mention, so little space to type. Also Got to send out my appreciation to the many citizens who work hard behind the scenes teaching and helping new citizens. People Like Color, The Courier, Sir Greendown , Mel, Bach Zhaa, Highwayman and last but not least all the GK’s, Pk’s and those at AW school.

I know there are many names I may have missed, I would be typing for days if I added them all. So to those not mentioned I also say thank you for making Active worlds a better place.

Dovestar /Ray Barbier

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AW Radio Advertisement Pack volume 1

Download Aw Radio Advertisement Pack Volume 1

Download ->Active Worlds Radio Ad Pack 1

Previews of Ads

aw-com-spot by Bukka




AW promo

comabat world ad

Happy Valley ad by Tenyearsgone


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AW AD Pack Volume 1

Ok Boys n Girls, The recent Magazine Ad brought together some really nice Advertisement Graphics. I put them all here for download, free to use to promote Active Worlds.

And once Again Thank you to those who heled out on this project, especially those who made the Advertisements

Click to download the Ad pack
>>>>Active Worlds Advertisement Pack 1 <<<<

Here is a Preview of the Graphics Ads

AW AD - Pasea de MagallenesAW AD2 - Pasea de Magallenesawad2comm-imagecomm-image2iCommunicate-1iCommunicate-4iCommunicate-5rightside

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Phase One of Sekrit Projekt: Supercharger – Happy Valley

Phase One of Sekrit Projekt: Supercharger has been completed.

This is a set of 18 prebuilt houses in four orientations, that are all variations of the Victorian house style, saved to AWGs.

To use them, uncompress the zip file to your Active Worlds preset folder.

All houses are set with an offset from the anchor object of 25 meters to the front door, thus house001_n will appear with the front door 25 meters North of the anchor object, with the base of the foundation at the same level as the anchor. It is recommended that the anchor object be placed at co-ordinates ending in 0.00 North and South, and at the height that you want the base of the foundation to be.

All the objects take the “create picture” command to allow for custom textures from anywhere on the internet, and are placed in such a way that there are 6 cells in the interior with anywhere from 20% to 40% cell space remaining to allow you to customize the interior.

Note that the cells immediately to the North and West of each house are empty. Recommended that you use these cells to “fly in” interior walls using the move ….time=0 wait=9e9 command.

It is hoped that new builders can have a village within an hour or two, and experienced builders will use them as a starting point, or placeholder to save hours of repetitive building.

Supercharge your town building today !

Jim Lewis AKA TenYearsGone

Download Now (click supercharger_p1 below)


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SW City’s Realistic Building Checklist


  • Setting and infrastructure
    • Environment
    • Road and sidewalk connection
    • Parking situation
    • Utility support
    • Property dividers
  • Exterior
    • FoundationUnless you’re building on top of a paved lot, it’s recommended to build a foundation. Raise the floors one or two clicks, and connect it to the ground with a good concrete or brick texture.
    • Drain PipesUse the thdp1.rwx – 3.rwx objects if you don’t want to create your own.
    • VentsVents are the perfect way to fill in some empty space on an outside wall.
    • TrimmingPlace trims along the edges and in-between different entities on a build to add a more authentic look.
    • CrowningBe sure your roof has some overhang.
    • Roof detailingAdd various utilities to the top of your builds, such as vents and pipes, HVAC units, and communication equipment.
    • Utility boxesPlace electric boxes and other service outlets on the sides or back of your building.
    • Emergency escapesEmergency exits and side doors…
    • LightingWall or pole mounted outdoor lighting.
    • FramingsAdd proper frames around your doors and windows.
    • Service areaGarage doors in the back, dumpsters, etc.
  • Interior
    • Support beams
    • Lighting
    • Vents or Ducts

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Different color sprinkles flowing upward




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sparkle P.E







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Shoreline Wave Effect P.E

This is a  Shoreline Wave Effect P E ,. it requires in asset list – wave04.jpg which is inculded in the zip. (not sure if it is in Alpha’s path thou,) MeL ~ shore-wave    

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