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We forget how to focus on the good things in life

Faith is easy as a child for that is a gift god gives children, as we grow older we become overwhelmed and saturated by all the negativity and sorrows of our world. We become more focused on the disasters, catastrophes … Continue reading

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One story that stood out in particular.

It’s so hard to imagine a life, without the people we love in it. We all have had someone, that has been so special in our lives. Someone, who has always been there. Someone, who has loved us unconditionally, who … Continue reading

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Look at the world with the heart and eyes of a child

When we are young the world seems so new and there is nothing that can hold us down for long. When  we grow old we forget how wonderful this world truly is. When we are a child we find delight … Continue reading

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True Self, Self Esteem and The Many Roadblocks

Sometimes I think our brain needs a reset button or ctrl-alt-del keys, a reboot of ourselves to the basic core of who we are would be good from time to time. I guess our brain becomes cluttered with old and … Continue reading

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Alpha, Beta and Bullies

A Man is allot like a coin because There is two sides to his personality, one dominant and one the seldom seen. The dominant side of the coin/man is what you see every day and is usually either aggressive ,controlling … Continue reading

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