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Not I.

If a man chooses to believe differently than me then am I to hate him for his choice? If a person were to hate me for my beliefs should I hate him back? Why is is we can not see … Continue reading

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The memories we made will last a lifetime

Sometimes I sit here alone just chilling to some music thinking about old friends I haven’t seen in years and all the dreams we had when we were young. I think about how many of those friends have passed on … Continue reading

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Trying to please everyone,try to please God.

Trying to please everyone is certainly not an easy task.  We have all tried to do this, at some time or another.  We must try to please God.  If we are pleasing to Him, we usually can get along with … Continue reading

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I kind of like knowing the man who is leading my church

  Small town church vs. Mega church, which is a better experience for the congregation? I would vote on a small town church any day, when any church grows too big it looses the closeness and community feel it should … Continue reading

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