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From hating to loving the Lord – a story

One day, a history teacher explained to her class the atheistic and theistic evolution theory. One of her students, a boy who really did not believe on God was really annoyed on her teacher’s explanation of Theistic Evolution Theory. The … Continue reading

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The great school we call life – Part of The Lesson Plan

In life we must face the fact we will make mistakes and sometimes choose unwisely. This is all a part of the lesson plan in the great school we call life. The sad part is sometimes we are doomed to … Continue reading

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Honor and Chivalry

   In modern times honor has became rare in our society and almost nothing but a historical footnote.Below is a Basic Version of the Knights Code of Honor A.K.A. Chivalry A Code of honor (Based on the knights code of … Continue reading

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Truth,Responsibility and The Average Joe

  It seems it may be time for mankind to take responsibility for all we have done. No longer are we allowed to make mistakes over and over and claim ignorance. We are a Intelligent species in general and we … Continue reading

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