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bring happiness and stability into my life like a friend

The friends I had and that are gone shall remain within my heart and mind, the friends that have remained and the new ones I find each day will fill my life with purpose, love and companionship. I am thankful for … Continue reading

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Friends: What a mighty small word, to be such a powerful force in our lives

Today,….as i sit here and ponder all of the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me, i am thanking the Lord for my wonderful friends.  I am often amazed at how they have happened into my life.  Some by choice, and some quite … Continue reading

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Friends, The extended part of your family

Friends, The extended part of your family are an important part of your life and your emotional wellbeing. Having true friends is similar to having adopted brothers and sisters, They are there for you when you need them as well … Continue reading

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