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For those who are special to us in life.

Have you told  your wife, husband, lover, family, friends how much you care about them today? Have you been taking those who are important to you for granted and forgetting they need to hear and/or see how much they mean … Continue reading

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What our definition of happiness is may differ

I am who and what I am, full of faults and shortcomings that I have learned to accept. I am no stud or intellectual giant but I have finer points that few ever see or notice. My uniqueness is something … Continue reading

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Be true to who and what you are.

  Be true to yourself, do not hold back the real you within. The person you are that you hide from the world in fear of not being accepted or being the odd man out. If you put on a … Continue reading

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Many days were wasted

 The older I get the more I realize how much time I wasted in my lifetime. Wasting time on worry, anger, fear and self-doubt. I spent way too many hours worrying about what other people think about me or if … Continue reading

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Live life instead of just trying to survive

I look back on my life and see the days,weeks and years I wasted in depression, denial and in self-deception. How many times I lived my day to please others or longing for approval by my peers. Always looking for … Continue reading

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