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Love is the root to all happiness

Happiness is having friends by your side Happiness is knowing someone is waiting at home Happiness is a smile from a child Happiness is being silly without worrying about what someone thinks Happiness is a choice as well as a … Continue reading

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The more you love the more you will be loved back.

The path of love and the path of peace run parallel and are like two lovers walking the path of life. One can not Thrive without the other, for love needs peace to flourish and peace can not be found … Continue reading

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Look in the mirror, For Better Or Worse

  We should always be mature and choose to respect others when speaking to and about them. To Gossip or ridicule others is immature and will bring one consequences they may not want to face. Why can’t we just accept … Continue reading

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A Day of Birth and Reflections of Years Past.

Another year has past and one more year closer to growing old Another year gone and with it the world grows even more cold Cold the world might be but that does not phase the love i feel The world … Continue reading

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