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A Fork in the Road

Lately the cycle of life has really sped  up around me, so many pregnancies and people either dying or getting life threatening diseases. This world is speeding up and we are heading towards a fork in the path we are … Continue reading

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What our definition of happiness is may differ

I am who and what I am, full of faults and shortcomings that I have learned to accept. I am no stud or intellectual giant but I have finer points that few ever see or notice. My uniqueness is something … Continue reading

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Just some babbling about the self and happiness

I often have wondered what is the secret to a happy life and for the most part the answers seemed to change with each situation I experienced during the course of my life. So needles to say the answers I … Continue reading

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Just Ramblings of a Old Man

Time goes by too fast, Seems just yesterday I wasn’t Old Enough and now I am too Old. Never was I the right age for anything and anyone. But now at least I am Old enough to realize it all … Continue reading

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Just a morning babbling about selfishness and greed

Selfishness seems to be a prerequisite in being a human, Though one can repress this negative aspect of ourselves it seems to be partially related to the survival instinct programmed into our subconscious mind. To look out for ones self … Continue reading

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